Measuring Real Risk: The Business View

Dark Reading's Jan. 26 virtual event on the business perspective of cybersecurity will feature a panel discussion on how to measure risk and the cost of a security program.

You've heard it before:  the old adage that you can't truly measure return on your investment in security products and services.

But the lessons learned from the wave of massive and painful data breaches and loss of intellectual property to cyber attackers over the past few years have helped flip the equation. You can now actually measure real cyber-threat risks to your organization -- and it's not just about checking compliance boxes. Risk metrics can help shape security purchasing decisions, and determine what's working, and what's not.

On Jan. 26, Dark Reading will host a virtual event called Cybersecurity: The Business View, from 11am to 5pm Eastern Time. As part of the event, I'll be moderating the "Measuring Real Cyber Security Risk" session, a panel discussion with risk management experts John Pescatore, director at SANS Institute; Wade Baker, vice president of strategy and risk analytics at ThreatConnect; and Tom Parker, CTO at Accenture.

The panel will explore the business case for security:  how to measure risks to your organization, the actual costs of your security program, and how to use risk metrics and threat intelligence to help prioritize buying and budget decisions and security strategy. It's about building a security program that's better focused, more efficient, and more prepared for the most likely threats and attacks to the organization.

Join us from the comfort of your desk (or couch) at 1:45pm ET to hear the latest on this hot and timely topic in security, how to measure risk. Register for this free event now

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