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Insiders Involved In Bangladesh Bank Cyber Theft?

Government-ordered probe points to bank officials' possible involvement -- report to be released soon.

A Bangladesh government-ordered probe into the central bank heist which involved fraudulent transfer of $81 million now points to insider role, reports Reuters. Earlier, the bank had denied involvement of its officials in the cybercrime and instead, cited laxity on the part of SWIFT and the US Federal Reserve Bank in the theft.

“Earlier we thought no one from Bangladesh Bank was involved, but now there is a small change,” said former Bangladesh Bank governor Mohammed Farashuddin, who was part of the investigation. The panel’s report has been handed over to the country’s Finance Minister and its contents are likely to be made public in 15- to 20 days, according to the report.

In a brazen cybercrime in February, hackers had attempted to wire out $951 million from Bangladesh Bank by sending phony messages via the SWIFT network. The US Fed managed to block most of the transfers.

For details, go to Reuters.