IID Launches 'Rapid Insight,' Safe Browsing Tool

Fortune 100 companies and government agencies already using Rapid Insight to gather contextual information about threats

September 16, 2015

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TACOMA, Wash. – September 15, 2015 – IID, the source for clear cyberthreat intelligence, today announced the launch of a new threat indicator research tool, Rapid Insight. IID’s Rapid Insight allows threat analysts and other security professionals to simultaneously search a dozen or more sources in one place for contextual information about questionable domains, hostnames, URLs, IP addresses, email addresses and more—providing faster and more accurate responses to cyberthreats. 

“Speed is essential when investigating and combatting potential cyberthreats,” said Mike Brown, IID’s Vice President of Engineering. “When you have to manually check a dozen or more sources to get the complete picture of what a threat looks like, those minutes add up. And that added time equals extended exposure to malicious behavior, additional potential damage to your infrastructure or maybe even a lasting impact on the perception of your brand.”

“Threat analysts are typically challenged with more red flags from their systems than they can handle,” added IID CEO, Lars Harvey. “Being efficient with their investigations means they can simply address more of them than they otherwise could. Rapid Insight customers report that they save 15 to 20 minutes of every hour spent in investigations. That adds up to being able to address 50 percent more of the threats they see.”

Fortune 100 and Gov Already Using Rapid Insight

Hundreds of cyberthreat researchers from Fortune 100 companies and U.S. government agencies have already been using Rapid Insight while in beta. Those users report Rapid Insight provides them with significant productivity enhancements during threat investigations. Rapid Insight helps organizations consolidate disparate searches into a single query, so simultaneously searching a dozen threat intelligence sources takes seconds.

A threat analyst manager at a Fortune 100 technology company said, “This is the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ for quick and effective research on active threats.” A cybersecurity coordinator at a U.S. federal agency said, “Rapid Insight is our one-stop-shop for investigating malicious indicators.”

How it Works

Rapid Insight allows researchers to simply paste a suspicious threat indicator into the search field found in the Rapid Insight search section of ActiveTrust, IID’s big data solution for Internet security. These search strings may be in the form of a domain, hostname, URL, IP address, email address, MD5, SHA1 or SHA256..Rapid Insight checks that information against intelligence found in over a dozen sources, including: Alexa, DNS Lookup, IP Geolocation, Google Custom Search, Google Safe Browsing, IID ActiveTrust, Passive DNS, Reverse DNS, Reverse WHOIS via DomainTools, Virus Total and WHOIS via DomainTools. More sources are scheduled to be added in the near future.

Money Saver

Searching against premium data providers and databases can also be extremely expensive, as each requires getting a contract in place and paying costly subscription fees. Rapid Insight offers an affordable alternative, consolidating all of those services into a single usage-based fee. Because customers are only paying for the fractional access they are using, IID clients benefit even more through cost savings.

All Rapid Insight customers are pre-screened by IID before they can access data. For more information, go to internetidentity.com/rapid-insight.

About IID

IID is a cybersecurity company. Its flagship product, ActiveTrust, adds clarity to cyberthreat intelligence by distilling threat data from thousands of trusted sources, and fusing it into actionable intelligence delivered to security professionals and automated infrastructure. Fortune 500 companies and U.S. government agencies leverage IID to detect and mitigate threats, making ActiveTrust one of the world’s largest commercial cyberthreat data exchanges. For more, go to internetidentity.com.


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