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Government Should Publicly ID Cyberattackers, Ex-US Intel Chief Says

Michael Rogers believes acknowledgement will help insurance companies defend against lawsuits.

The former chair of the US House Intelligence Committee says the US government should publicly name perpetrators of cyberattacks so that private sector companies can defend against lawsuits effectively, reports FedScoop. Speaking before the Stimson Center, Michael Rogers said such attribution would provide better legal protection to the victims.

Rogers cited examples of cyberattacks on health insurers in which China was suspected to be responsible. "If the government had publicly come out and attributed who the attacker was, it would help the defense on those lawsuits," he said. 

However, former DHS deputy undersecretary Bruce McConnell argued that Rogers' contention "oversimplifies" the situation, and cyber insurance contains exclusions, and insurance companies offer coverage in line with current threats.

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