Boldest Cybersecurity Predictions For 2016

Forget the boring, safe predictions for more of the same -- here instead are the most interesting, cringe-worthy, humorous, or otherwise shocking -- predictions for the coming year.
 A Cyberattack Will Impact the 2016 Presidential Election
 Balkanization of the Internet
CISO 'It Girl'
Data Weaponization Means Extortapalooza
 Chinese Cybercriminals Go Head To Head With Russian Syndicates
 Contractors Get Cyber Pat-Down
Cybersecurity Issues Will Kill A Major Product
Arms Race Around Quantum Encryption
 Shake-Out Of Security Industry Snakeoil Salespeople


Yes, yes. We all know that in 2016 the Internet of Things is going to be kind of a big deal for security practitioners, that cyber espionage is a huge concern for the enterprise and that this will really, REALLY (for real this time) be the year that mobile malware makes a mark. At Dark Reading, we quite literally received over 60 pages of these kinds of boring predictions from techno-bloviators who just phoned it in with the prognostications this year. But amid all the allusions to the riskiness of the cloud (2012 retread, anyone?) and more cries of impending security talent shortages, there were some unique forecasts in the mix. Whether they were fun long-shot guesses, insightful projections, funny zingers, or otherwise off-the-wall prophecies, these were the boldest 2016 cybersecurity predictions to cross our paths before we could pop the champagne to close out another year. 

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