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Apple Rehires Security Expert Jon Callas

Move seen as attempt to strengthen encryption features of Apple devices following face-off with FBI.

Apple has rehired security expert Jon Callas, a move reflecting the priority the company wants to give to encryption, reports Reuters.

Callas, who was with the company in the 1990s and then between 2009 and 2011, designed an encryption system in the Mac. He is a top authority in practical cryptography and co-founded Silent Circle which sells Blackphone.

Callas’ return is being seen as a move by Apple to bring advanced security features to its devices in the wake of its conflict with the FBI in the San Bernardino iPhone case. Apple refused to help the FBI hack the iPhone of the San Bernardino shooter on the grounds that this would compromise security of its customers. The FBI later paid a third party to hack the iPhone.

According to Reuters, Callas’ has said he is against companies being forced to break into their own encrypted products. But he supports a formula that would allow law enforcement agencies to hack into devices with a court order as long as they later disclose the flaws for patching. 

More of this story on Reuters.


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