10 Types of AI Attacks CISOs Should Track

Risk from artificial intelligence vectors presents a growing concern among security professionals in 2023.
Man crossing a chasm on a hanging bridge, surrounded by clouds
Two poison bottles on a white background with two bunches of hemlock flowers
Black-and-white photo of a man's hand holding a circuit board to mimic a gun
Woman's hands holding a paper sheet with lock symbol in the middle of the street in a big city.
A small robot with humanoid face and body side-eyes the camera
Young girl runs with sponges at a water fight while her brother picks up a hose
Photo of a woman smiling as she injects red fluid into a green pepper
Fencer leaps through the air as his opponent steps aside to evade his thrust
Fish-shaped artificial fishing lure isolated on white background
A collection of AI-generated, realistic faces of men, women, and children
Steel chain with open lock on a pole
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