10 Can't-Miss Talks at Black Hat Asia

With threats featuring everything from nation-states to sleep states, the sessions taking place from March 20-23 in Singapore are relevant to security experts around the world.
I Don't Want to Sleep Tonight: Subverting Intel TXT with S3 Sleep
Prison Break Season 6: Defeating the Mitigations Adopted by Android OEMs
All Your Payment Tokens Are Mine: Vulnerabilities of Mobile Payment Systems
Breach Detection at Scale with AWS Honey Tokens
When Good Turns Evil: Using Intel SGX to Stealthily Steal Bitcoins
UbootKit: A Worm Attack for the Bootloader of IoT Devices
VSPMiner: Detecting Security Hazards in SEAndroid Vendor Customizations via Large-Scale Supervised Machine Learning
Mac-A-Mal: An Automated Platform for Mac Malware Hunting
Death Profile
Nation-State MoneyMule's Hunting Season - APT Attacks Targeting Financial Institutions

Mobile and platform security are popular topics for next month's Black Hat Asia conference in Singapore, where industry experts will meet from March 20-23 to learn about newly discovered exploits and the tools and techniques to defend against them.

Lidia Giuliano, independent security professional and member of the Black Hat Asia Regional Review Board, notes she was impressed by the diversity of this year's submissions. Session topics cover mobile, cryptography, IoT, exploit development, malware, policy, network defense, data forensics and incident response, reverse engineering, Web application security, the security development lifecycle, hardware, and platform security, among others.

Much of this year's research will dig into mobile threats, particularly on the Android operating system. "People have their whole lives on their mobile phones," Giuliano explains. "It's a window into their lives and that puts people in a really vulnerable position."

Here, we put the spotlight on Black Hat Asia talks that are expected to deliver groundbreaking and useful information for security pros. If you're planning to attend, dig out your schedules and let us know what you're excited to see.






Black Hat Asia returns to Singapore with hands-on technical Trainings, cutting-edge Briefings, Arsenal open-source tool demonstrations, top-tier solutions and service providers in the Business Hall. Click for information on the conference and to register.

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