Yoggie Launches Knowledge Base

Yoggie Security Systems announced that it has launched an online Knowledge Base system

BETH HALEVY, Israel -- Yoggie Security Systems™ today announced that it has launched an online Knowledge Base system to provide additional technical support and product information for users, distributors and resellers The Knowledge Base is accessible from the home page ( and also the support section on the Yoggie website ( or via direct link (

The Yoggie Knowledge Base will support Yoggie’s award-winning Gatekeeper and Pico personal security appliances – USB-based miniature computers that provide 13 layers of integrated defense for laptop and PC users. The Knowledge Base has an FAQ structure that includes general product and corporate information as well as specific questions and answers generated from technical support calls and emails. The knowledge base has been specifically designed to allow channel partners and users to add and share content.

Shlomo Touboul, Founder and CEO of Yoggie Security Systems said, "We take the question of support very seriously at Yoggie and want to make it as easy as possible for our customers and partners to increase their knowledge of the Yoggie range and to have access to a full range of potential support issues. The Yoggie Knowledge Base represents the latest in our drive to provide the very best in support.”

Yoggie Security Systems