V.i. Labs Enhances CodeArmor

V.i. Labs unveils enhancements to CodeArmor for enterprise organizations and software vendors

WALTHAM, Mass. -- Boston-area V.i. Labs,, makers of software protection solutions that guard against IP theft, reverse engineering and piracy threats, this week announced a new version of its CodeArmor solution to meet the needs of its core market, enterprise companies and ISVs.

CodeArmor 2.2 protects applications built in the Windows and Microsoft .NET environments. It now offers additional security enhancements and further extends the ability to automatically protect a wide range of software applications without modifying source code.

“By continually expanding the anti-reverse engineering countermeasures of CodeArmor, enterprise organizations and software vendors can easily raise their defenses against software piracy, code theft, and tampering on an on-going basis, without impacting their software development resources,” stated Victor DeMarines, VP of Products at V.i. Labs.

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