Stats on the Cybersecurity Skills Shortage: How Bad Is It, Really?

Is it just a problem of too few security professionals, or are there other reasons enterprises struggle to build infosec teams?
Long-Term Vacancies are the Norm
Skills Shortage by Role
Hardest Skillsets to Find
What the Shortage Means
We've Tried Nothing and We're All Out of Ideas!
Training: Obvious, But Overlooked
Getting Over Fear of Greener Pastures
Unconventional Wisdom: Hire Gamers?

While plenty of CISOs today find ways to successfully build out effective cybersecurity teams, most industry pundits agree that the process is a bear. One of the biggest complaints is that there just aren't enough experienced, talented security professionals to fill the roles available - but there is talent for the taking if organizations know where to look for it. Nevertheless, the numbers support the fact that market constraints on security brainpower are a very real factor. Here's what the most recent data shows.

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