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Have A Comment? Dark Reading Offers New Commenting System

New platform will make it easier, more secure for readers to add their input to DR stories
Today Dark Reading launches a new technology that will make it easier and safer to add comments and feedback to stories and blogs on the site.

The new commenting system, which replaces our older, sometimes-kludgy reader input technology, will offer a better platform for you and your fellow readers to discuss security issues and the merits of points made in Dark Reading stories.

In addition to better security, the new platform offers nesting comments, the ability to "like" comments, and permalinks so you can promote a discussion elsewhere (such as a social network). You can even upload a profile picture, so everyone can see your smiling, security-loving face.

The shift to the new technology does have one drawback: All of the comments made recently to Dark Reading stories have now been erased. If you've made a particularly cogent comment on one of our stories in the past and you want it to live forever in digital history, then you'll need to go back to that story and make it again.

As we roll out the new commenting system, we hope you'll give it a try -- and end up using it a lot. We know how much security people like to talk, and we believe this new platform for discussion will make that conversation easier to read and participate in.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, we'd be glad to hear them -- and we now have a better means for you to make them.

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