Global CIO: Oracle's EU Nemesis Mocked Intel After $1.5B Fine

After fining Intel $1.5 billion, top EC bureaucrat Neelie Kroes joked about Intel sponsoring European taxpayers. What sort of joke was she planning for Oracle?
at a press conference in mid-May, Kroes, speaking to reporters and preening for photographers as she announced the $1.5 billion fine she was levying on Intel, cracked wise that Intel should change its advertising slogan from "sponsors of tomorrow" to "sponsors of the European taxpayer." Oh that Kroes--what a cut-up!

As for her fervent hopes to bleed Sun dry and burn a few thousand more jobs in order to make Oracle drop its acquisition bid, maybe she was all prepared to rise again to the level of her Intel one-liner and say something like this: "Now that I've neutered Oracle, they should change their slogan from 'the information company' to 'the impotent company.' " Or maybe the EU's closet comedienne would take a different tack and say, "We Europeans won't let Oracle sap our enterprise software market!" (Get it?? Get it??)

Well, after so much Kroesian hilarity I hate to be the buzz-killer but let's wrap this up with a final word from Prof. Cass on the dangerous path down which Kroes and her fellow travelers of the EC are intent on taking Europe:

"If antitrust authorities around the world see this as the pattern to emulate--after all, it increases the prominence and importance of the regulator and pleases all the firms that don't have to work so hard to keep up with market leaders--the rest of us will suffer as well."

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