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FraudSense Announces Cloud-Based Real-Time Anti-Phishing Software Platform

FraudSense identifies and disables fraudulent websites in real-time
Tel-Aviv, Israel – FraudSense, provider of the cloud-based anti-phishing software platform, today announced the availability of a public demo featuring its proprietary real-time anti-phishing detection algorithms.

FraudSense’s next-generation anti-phishing technology is an innovative weapon in the fight against the ever growing threat of phishing attacks as it enables FraudSense-powered applications and services to identify, target and remove forged websites the moment they become active.

Fraudulent websites are routinely deployed by phishers to lure unsuspecting users to submit their credentials and are key to most online scams. According to the recent report by IID[1] , the number of phishing attacks in Q2 2011 grew 11% over the previous quarter.

FraudSense identifies and disables fraudulent websites in real-time thus minimizing and even completely eliminating financial losses and integrity damage.

FraudSense provides access to its real-time anti-phishing software platform through Web API without the need for client side deployment. Using the advantages of Cloud technologies, FraudSense enables seamless integration, flexibility and scalability and can work either alone or in conjunction with other security products and services.


About FraudSense FraudSense is an emerging leader in developing Security-as-a-Service platforms that enable real-time identification of phishing websites the moment they become active. Founded in 2011, FraudSense is a privately held start-up company based in Tel-Aviv, Israel. For more information, please visit

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