Firepipes Unveils Endpoint Control

Atlas Group announces the release of its Firepipes network endpoints control

KENNEBUNK, Maine -- Atlas Group, an international converged communications services company, today announced the release of its Firepipes™ network endpoints control.

Firepipes™ securely allows authenticated user access to specific network and application destination resources. The service channels wireless, remote access, LAN-based or WAN-based network accessors across any IP-based connections to terminate only on specific servers, applications and/or protocols. By preventing escalation of privileges, firepiping thwarts many major security threats such as worms, trojans, user impersonation or mass identify theft.

“Firepipes™ addresses the issue of the vaporizing network perimeter. It is a significant milestone on the road to a perimeterless secure environment that is simultaneously granular to the socket level and scaleable to manage thousands of endpoint devices and resources,” said Atlas Group Chief Technology Officer John Sullivan.

Atlas Group