Fasting at Black Hat

What happens when a journalist starves at Black Hat

6:00 PM -- My stomach is growling. It's been nearly 72 hours since I landed here in Las Vegas, and I've had a grand total of one full meal (on Tuesday night).

Since then, I've consumed three cups of coffee, several glasses of water, a small plate of appetizers (last night), a free candybar supplied to guests here by a vendor, and a few beers (after hours).

No, I'm not on a diet. But there's something about the rhythms of putting out a daily news site, covering Black Hat, meeting up with people, being three hours behind our home office on the East Coast, and about a mile from where lunch is served that forces a fast.

I understand that fasting centers you, cleanses you, and helps you focus on your main task or meditation. Judging from this blog, you can see what it's done to me.

— Kelly Jackson Higgins, Senior Editor, Dark Reading