Brasil Telecom Taps Widevine Security

Widevine Technologies announced that Brasil Telecom has chosen Widevine to protect its IP video service

RIO DE JANEIRO -- Widevine Technologies, the world’s leading provider of downloadable content protection, forensic watermarking and digital copy protection solutions, today announced that Brasil Telecom has chosen Widevine to protect its IP video service. Scheduled to launch in phases, the service enables subscribers to securely view a variety of premium Hollywood content and local programming on set top boxes, home media gateways and, eventually, PCs.

Brasil Telecom (NYSE: BTM), one of the country’s major providers of converged telecommunications services, is the first to offer IPTV in Brazil. In October it launched in Brasilia with 300 customers. Brasil Telecom’s selection of Widevine from a short list of content security vendors is, in part, due to its proven ability to protect and enable the acquisition of premium content at Tier 1 operators worldwide.

“Our decision to deploy premium video content is critical to delivering a compelling offer to our customers,” said Luis Henrique Castro Lima, Director of Mobile Operations and Business Development of Brasil Telecom. “Brasil Telecom requires a content protection solution that meets current content owner requirements and also supports future growth opportunities. Specifically, we are looking ahead to the need for a solution to secure and protect content across a wide range of existing IP video devices. ”

Widevine Technologies Inc.