Bioscrypt Buys Facial Recognition Company

Bioscrypt has entered into an agreement to acquire A4Vision

TORONTO -- Bioscrypt Inc. (TSX: BYT), a leading provider of enterprise access control technologies, today announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire A4Vision, Inc., a leading provider of advanced identification systems using innovative three-dimensional (3D) facial imaging and recognition technology. Bioscrypt intends to add A4's 3D facial imaging and recognition technology to its portfolio of biometric access control products. Bioscrypt will also integrate the 3D facial technology with VeriSoft, its Identity and Access Management solution, to extend the authentication factors supported for both physical and logical access control and broaden its suite of Door to DesktopR identity verification technologies.

The acquisition of A4 will position Bioscrypt as the only organization capable of offering a converged physical and logical solution that supports both finger and 3D face biometrics as authentication techniques for access control. In addition, adding A4's award-winning technology would enable Bioscrypt to become the first company to offer off-the-shelf finished readers for both finger and 3D face biometrics for use in physical access control. This unique position will allow Bioscrypt to further establish itself as the leading vendor of access control technologies to the enterprise.

Bioscrypt Inc.

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