Automox: Getting Smarter Where Endpoint Management's Concerned

Corey Bodzin of Automox joins Dark Reading's Terry Sweeney at Dark Reading News Desk during RSA Conference to discuss the latest IT operations report.

Corey Bodzin of Automox pulls apart the results from the company's latest IT operations report, which shows that companies are reducing the number of tools they use for endpoint management. It's not a sign of disillusionment, he says, but rather a function of greater software intelligence. Bodzin also dives in on the importance of reporting tools. And he addresses some of the hurdles to adopting automation across the enterprise.

Corey Bodzin is the Senior Vice President of Product at Automox, leading the R&D team to create insanely great products. Prior to joining Automox Corey spent the last 25 years both creating products at cybersecurity companies like Deepwatch, ExtraHop, Tenable, RSA, and Qualys and as a cybersecurity leader at Wells Fargo, Charles Schwab, and Lucent.

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