AppGate Supports Mac OS X Leopard

AppGate now supports Mac OS X 'Leopard' for unified secure access

STOCKHOLM -- The Macintosh user community is constantly growing, and in the security market space, OS X from Apple is considered among the best. AppGate's Secure Access Platform is in constant evolvement to comply with market demands, and as of today, AppGate's Unified Access System supports the new operating system from Apple.

One of the key messages from AppGate has always been that users should be able to access information in a secure way regardless of their location, type of client system such as computer or mobile phone, and by using any type of transmission. Over the last couple of years the interest in using Mac computers has increased rapidly, especially for home users.

AppGate takes security to the next level and puts security where it belongs, at the client computer and at the source. AppGate protects the client computer, encrypts the communication and protects the application servers. The AppGate system grants access to enterprise network resources after first authorizing the user and the device, and then verifying the device's compliance with the enterprise's security policy.

According to AppGate’s CTO Tomas Olovsson, “We are happy to support our Mac users with this recent development. Since the launch last week, we have already received several requests for this new version, which of course is free of charge for all AppGate Mac users.”

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