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Shadow IT Spurs 1 in 3 Cyberattacks

Cerby platform emerges from stealth mode to let users automate security for applications outside of the standard IT purview.

One in every three cybersecurity attacks is the result of unsecured unmanageable applications, researchers say, while only 15% of cloud-based services are actively managed by IT departments.

The new Cerby Zero Trust platform lets business users download and operate their preferred applications with an added layer of automated security that previously wouldn't have existed for tools not directly visible to IT teams, the company said.

The platform already has an impressive list of business customers, including Fox, L'Oréal, MiSalud, Dentsu, Televisa, and Wizeline, Cerby said in announcing the zero trust platform. It added that securing preferred employee apps often pits employees against corporate security.

"Our goal at Cerby is simple but sweeping: To increase productivity for enterprises by empowering employees to use the technologies they prefer while automating compliance and security," Cerby co-founder and CEO Belsasar Lepe said in a statement about the platform's release. "In this era of IT consumerization, employee choice and enterprise security are not mutually exclusive — with the right tools and strategies, they go hand-in-hand."