Vaultive Announces Extension Of Cloud Encryption Platform To Box, Yammer & Other Enterprise Apps

Vaultive Platform 3.4 supports persistent encryption of data stored and processed by major enterprise cloud applications

November 6, 2013

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New York, NY -- November 5, 2013 – In response to customer demand for additional cloud enablement and risk mitigation capabilities, Vaultive today announced support for persistent encryption of data stored and processed by major enterprise cloud applications, including Box Enterprise, Yammer, SharePoint Online, SkyDrive Pro, SAP SuccessFactors and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. The company also unveiled more extensive support for the Microsoft Office 365 Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and eDiscovery features released as part of the Wave 15 update, as well as administrative automation capabilities designed to streamline management.

"Revelations on surveillance and data mining programs like the NSA's PRISM and MUSCULAR have highlighted the risks that companies must come to terms with when their data is stored and processed in the cloud. Whether it's access to corporate data by the NSA or equivalent national security agencies outside of the US and other US federal agencies, or compliance with regulations that mandate data protection such as HIPAA, GLBA, PCI-DSS and others, businesses remain responsible for maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of their data. The shifting data residency landscape also poses a challenge for global businesses looking to leverage the benefits of cloud-based services," said Elad Yoran, chairman and CEO, Vaultive. "By extending encryption-in-use capabilities to major cloud applications like Box and Yammer and ensuring the data owner retains the encryption keys, we're empowering customers to maintain complete ownership and control of their data and comply with applicable laws."

Maintaining Control of Data by Owning Encryption Keys

The Vaultive platform enables customers to take advantage of the flexibility and productivity benefits of cloud-based services, while ensuring that only authorized users can gain access to cloud data. Vaultive accomplishes this through persistent encryption of data-in-use, and by ensuring direct control of the encryption keys to its customers. As a result, any breach or disclosure at the cloud service provider will yield only encrypted, unintelligible gibberish. Any requests for data will then have to be redirected to the data owner who holds the encryption keys.

With this release, Vaultive is extending the reach of its groundbreaking encryption-in-use technology, empowering businesses to persistently encrypt data across the enterprise and in the cloud. New features of the Vaultive platform include:

· Support for Major Cloud Applications: Vaultive now enables risk-conscious organizations to embrace collaboration platforms such as Box Enterprise, Yammer and SkyDrive Pro, as well as deploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online on a global basis by empowering customers to maintain ownership and control of their data no matter where it resides or is processed.

· Vaultive Platform for SaaS: Vaultive's gateway integrates a set of extensible configuration options to deliver support for additional SaaS applications such as SAP SuccessFactors, as well as cloud-based platforms such as SharePoint Online. The ability to further configure the Vaultive encryption engine for almost any cloud-based service allows organizations to implement encryption-in-use to protect data stored and processed in custom cloud applications.

· Full Support for Data Loss Prevention and eDiscovery in Office 365: Vaultive now provides the ability to implement DLP and eDiscovery functionality on data while persistently encrypted in the Office 365 cloud. The Vaultive management console now also enables administrators to define their own classification rules based on keywords or regular expressions – extending the existing set of compliance templates provided by Microsoft.

· Automated Provisioning and Encrypted Synchronization: Vaultive automates the provisioning and de-provisioning of changes to encrypted user groups, reducing the administrative overhead and ensuring consistent security and IT management operations. Administrative change processes are easily synchronized to the Vaultive gateway.

· Comprehensive In-Box Rules: Businesses can now apply content-based rules for all clients including OWA and Outlook sessions, in addition to rules based on the sender and recipient, while all data remains encrypted at Office 365.

"Given the IT organization's responsibility to protect the enterprise's information assets, file sharing and transfers to uncontrolled locations represent a great and growing threat," noted Gartner analysts Monica Basso and Jeffrey Mann in their February 2013 report, "MarketScope for Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing." "Many of today's offerings do not fully meet enterprise control needs for security, compliance and management," the analysts continued.

About Vaultive

For businesses moving to the cloud, Vaultive's encryption-in-use technology mitigates risk by empowering companies with control and ownership of their data wherever it resides. Vaultive's customers hold the encryption keys, letting them retain the freedom to use the cloud applications professionals rely on, while ensuring the governance and security that the business demands. Optimized for Microsoft® Office 365 and integrated with major cloud applications, the Vaultive platform supports best practices for the control and ownership of corporate data in the cloud as outlined by the Cloud Security Alliance. Vaultive addresses the requirements of global enterprises in financial services, life sciences and pharma, legal and professional services, manufacturing, retail and media, while also offering a cost-effective solution for mid-size and smaller companies. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter.

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