US Based ICOIN Technology Announces Secure Messaging Solution Using Hardware Wallet Encryption

January 5, 2023

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CAMPBELL, Calif., Jan. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- iCoin Technology, a U.S. based manufacturer of modern crypto hardware wallets, announced today that it will be adding a secure messaging feature to their existing hardware wallet system for cryptocurrency

"One of the problems with existing secure messaging platforms is that they rely on central severs to control message flow and storage.  These central severs can be compromised by external or internal threats, including password reset requests.  Also, the smartphones or laptops that are used as message endpoints are network connected devices and run multiple applications - which can also expose the messages to attacks.  By encrypting and decrypting the messages only on a cold device, like the iCoin hardware wallet, can the users be sure that no one can intercept and read the messages between the sender and receiver." - Chet Silvestri, CEO, iCoin Technology

The iCoin hardware wallet is a cold device which is never directly connected to a network.  The encryption keys are created and stored only within the hardware wallet and can never be extracted.  The messages are directly entered into the hardware wallet and encrypted before ever leaving the wallet.  The pre-encrypted messages can then be sent over public messaging systems and are tamperproof.

The Secure Messaging feature will be integrated into the iCoin hardware wallet beginning in April 2023 and will also available as a no-cost firmware upgrade for existing iCoin hardware wallet owners at the same time.

"My quote from decades ago of "You have no privacy. Get over it!" has certainly stood the test of time.  But we can and must try to fight back.  The iCoin hardware encrypted secure messaging system will allow users to regain some control of their privacy when it comes to personal communications.   Both Enterprises and Consumers can now use the iCoin system to bring a new level of security to internet-based communication." - Scott McNealy, former CEO and Founder, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

About iCoin Technology

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, iCoin Technology is a pioneer of a new class of hardware wallets for the digital economy, blending consumer-grade ease-of-use with industrial-strength security.

Learn more at or follow us on Linkedintwitter, or Instagram.

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