Ukranian Suspect Could Help Break TJX Case

Details of the TJX hack begin to rapidly unfold thanks to a recent arrest

The layers of the TJX hack may be closer to unfolding: A Ukrainian man recently arrested in Turkey could bring authorities a step closer to identifying the masterminds behind the breach, where hackers stole files on millions of credit and debit card number accounts from TJX's network, according to published reports. (See The Face of Identity Theft and Hacking the Real TJX Story.)

Maksym Yastremskiy, a 24-year-old who was arrested by Turkish authorities a few weeks ago, is suspected of allegedly selling some of the credit and debit card numbers that were stolen from TJX transaction-payment processing systems. A U.S. Postal Inspection Service official told reporters that it appears that Yastremskiy could be a big-time trafficker in the stolen data -- including data from the TJX breach.

He allegedly sold the stolen account numbers online, according to reports, and the hope is he will lead authorities to the actual ringleaders of the TJX breach.

The break-in left around 45.7 million TJX customer credit card and debit card accounts at risk, and TJX has said it will cost the company around $118 million.

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