TrustPort Net Gateway 5.5 includes faster scanning, advanced monitoring and filtering of Web traffic

March 18, 2010

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Brno, March the 15th, 2010 " TrustPort, manufacturer of security software for both home and business customers announced a new version of its key product for protection of computer networks against malware and spam today. TrustPort Net Gateway 5.5 is coming out with several enhancements that include more efficient and faster scanning, advanced monitoring and filtering of web traffic, and more precise antispam activities.

A modern enterprise or institution cannot function without a computer network connected to the internet. A properly operational computer network is a prerequisite for efficient data sharing and teamwork. A disruption to network operation can significantly impair functioning of the whole organization, while the boundary between the internal network and the internet goes missing, and the security of company workstations and servers decreases. The role of TrustPort Net Gateway is to create a kind of a safety sieve between the corporate network and the internet, from where various forms of attacks occur.

TrustPort Net Gateway 5.5 has brought innovation in all areas of security which it traditionally offers. A new way of data processing results in higher speeds of both scanning and web filtering. "With the new version, we succeeded in ensuring that scanned data continuously passes from one test to another, without unnecessary delays caused by repeated opening and closing of files," says Petr Vank, head of development department at TrustPort. "The result is up to a quarter of a better throughput on the level of antivirus scanning and web filtering."

Protection against malicious codes has been extended in TrustPort Net Gateway 5.5 by a new antivirus method called Script Guard. It can identify a previously unknown malicious code on the webpage and deal with it according to desired settings. Script Guard can either block the infected webpage, or remove the infected part and forward the webpage to the end station. Script Guard detects malicious codes according to their structure, without examining which particular virus it is. This also contributes to faster data flow processing.

Network administrators will also benefit from changes to web filtering, offered not only by TrustPort Net Gateway 5.5, but also by the simultaneously released TrustPort WebFilter 5.5. While previous versions switched between the monitoring and blocking modes, the new versions allow continuous monitoring of web traffic, while blocking selected web categories in chosen time intervals. This means the network administrator has a permanent overview of the overall structure of web traffic.

TrustPort Net Gateway 5.5 also offers innovation in the scanning of mail traffic. The exclusion of mail for listed recipients from antispam scanning, a useful feature under normal circumstances, has become a disadvantage in case of bulk messages. Newly, the incoming message is split into two copies; the first is sent without scanning to the listed recipients, the second, designated for all other recipients, passes through a standard antispam procedure. Delivery of spam is thus prevented, while retaining the possibility to deliver for certain reasons such mail to some mailboxes.

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