TeleSign Unveils Authentication App And Secure Two-Way SMS

AuthID authenticates users' logins and online transactions

October 15, 2013

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LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 26, 2013) - TeleSign, the Mobile Identity Company, today announced AuthID, the company's updated authentication app to securely identify and grant user access. The company also introduced Verify 2-Way SMS for business-grade delivery and receipt of security SMS messages. With these new offerings, TeleSign is helping companies securely authenticate customers and verify transactions.

AuthID Offers User Authentication and Secure Transactions

TeleSign introduced AuthID as a secure method to authenticate users' logins and online transactions. Instead of requiring users to carry smart cards or key fobs, AuthID verifies user identity directly through the app on a user's mobile phone. As a complement to SMS and voice authentication, AuthID adds an additional option so that users can choose their preferred method.

AuthID offers three new features to ensure secure logins and transactions:

· Simple Push Notification provides alerts that appear on the user's phone screen and prompts them to interact with an option as simple as selecting "Accept" or "Deny." If an end user selects "Deny," they are also given the option to report the request as fraud.

· With the Code Challenge, a numeric code appears on the website and prompts the user to wait for a notification on their phone. The user will then enter the code into the mobile app to validate the authentication.

· The new Soft Token tool uses a cryptographic key to provide a unique number that changes every 30-seconds. If the number entered by the user matches with the number on TeleSign's authentication server, access is granted.

"AuthID allows users to have security and support in the palm of their hands," said Charles McColgan, CTO at TeleSign. "With AuthID, customers are notified of a breach as soon as it happens and are able to protect their accounts from fraudsters, from the convenience of their mobile phone."

AuthID is available under the AuthID brand with customizable and brandable alerts, banners, and icons or as a white labeled standalone app for customers that want their own branded experience.

Verify 2-Way SMS Provides Secure Message Delivery and Response

Verify 2-Way SMS uses an out-of-band method to communicate and confirm receipt of security-related messages between companies and their end users. With this approach, Verify 2-Way SMS can be used for secure transaction verification (e.g. notification of a wire transfer), confirmation of key account changes or two-factor authentication. This method can thwart man-in-the-middle (MITM) and man-in-the-browser attacks (MITB) and prevent the use of stolen account credentials.

About TeleSign

Every second, of every day, TeleSign protects the world's largest Internet and Cloud properties by establishing and verifying Mobile Identity.

Digital businesses use TeleSign's Mobile Identity platform to preserve their ecosystem by detecting a suspicious user before account creation, and to better protect their existing user base from account compromise.

TeleSign is trusted by the world's largest companies and protects 2.5 billion accounts in more than 200 countries and in 87 languages.

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