Sunbelt Announces VIPRE Enterprise Premium

Version 4.0 product line delivers enhanced security and manageability features

March 2, 2010

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San Francisco (RSA Conference) — March 2, 2010 — Sunbelt Software, a leading provider of Windows security software, today announced it has significantly expanded its VIPRE' Enterprise product line by offering an all-new, highly-scalable management console, a new client agent and a new optional premium edition that includes advanced firewall protection. The new releases offer comprehensive endpoint protection for small, medium, and large enterprises and are part of a significant technology platform upgrade to all the company's endpoint security products. (See related announcement "Sunbelt Software Announces Major Upgrades to its VIPRE and CounterSpy Product Lines"). "As the choice of over 13,000 enterprises, our VIPRE Enterprise product line has built its reputation on providing administrators an easy-to-use, powerful endpoint protection system, without unnecessary bloat and difficult agent management," said Alex Eckelberry, CEO of Sunbelt Software. "The new VIPRE Enterprise 4.0 product line continues on this history, providing administrators with robust and easy-to-use endpoint protection that can scale to support large and complex environments."

VIPRE Enterprise 4.0 The completely redesigned VIPRE Enterprise 4.0 management console delivers extensive new functionality to support large enterprises and managed service providers (MSPs) that include:

Multi-site management and role-based access control: VIPRE Enterprise 4.0 architecture delivers a highly scalable and flexible multi-site tiering model. This new functionality provides system administrators and managed service providers the ability to manage medium and large-scale infrastructures with multiple offices and locations. Multiple sites can be controlled from one central console by tiering through granular role-based access control or multi-site configuration.

In addition, the VIPRE Enterprise 4.0 agent includes extensive under-the-hood improvements. Notable enhancements are improved support for removable drives; enhanced support for 64-bit environments, including a 64-bit boot cleaner and 64-bit rootkit scanner; support for Mozilla Firefox Scan Extensions, and other overall quality improvements to improve efficiency and performance.

Combined with the new VIPRE client agent, enterprises with complex environments now have all the performance benefits of VIPRE.

VIPRE Enterprise Premium 4.0

The new optional Premium edition combines VIPRE's antivirus and antispyware protection, and adds desktop firewall, malicious website filtering, IDS (Intrusion Detection System), HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention) and many other powerful features into a single agent. In designing the Premium edition, Sunbelt's engineers focused on a product tightly focused on malware protection, instead of loaded with features that administrators often prefer to purchase separately or are already built in to the operating system. Core features include:

Two-way firewall: Based on the company's Sunbelt Personal Firewall technology, the new fully integrated bi-directional desktop firewall supports 32 and 64-bit environments and protects users from any unwanted incoming and outgoing traffic.

Web filtering: Since most threats are web-borne, the web filtering module provides vital protection against a wide range of web-based attacks with options that include:

* Malicious URL Filtering: Leveraging Sunbelt's industry-leading ThreatTrack database of malicious URLs, Malicious URL Filtering provides a significant additional layer of protection against the rapidly evolving online threat environment. Updated by Sunbelt's malware research labs, ThreatTrack is used by numerous leading security organizations. * Ad blocking: Blocks many third-party advertisements from ever appearing while surfing. * Anti-phishing: Blocks access to known phishing websites by email or through the web browser. * Script blocking: Blocks Javascript, VBScript and ActiveX controls. * Cookie settings: Filters persistent cookies, session cookies, foreign cookies and referral information from an originating website.

IDS (Intrusion Detection System): The desktop IDS functionality of VIPRE provides an additional layer of protection against a wide range of both inbound and outbound malicious internet traffic (such as an attempted exploit). Uniquely, administrators can choose from a wide array of built-in IDS rules, or create new rules based on the industry-standard SNORT' language.

HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention): The HIPS functionality protects against an attack vector known as code injection, where an application attempts to "ride-along" with the credentials of another application to exploit a system.

Pricing and availability Both versions of VIPRE Enterprise are currently available and priced aggressively for all corporate environments. They include one year of support, updates, and product upgrades.

Customers of the existing VIPRE Enterprise 3.1 on an existing maintenance plan will receive the new VIPRE Enterprise 4.0 at no charge. An upgrade to VIPRE Enterprise Premium is available for a nominal fee.

New customers can purchase VIPRE Enterprise Premium on a per machine basis. Pricing includes the first year maintenance and starts at $28.36 per seat for 100 workstations with a sliding scale volume discount based on number of machines. A 50% competitive upgrade program is also in effect. VIPRE is compatible with both 32 and 64 bit version of Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008, Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7. 30-day evaluations of both versions of VIPRE Enterprise are available on Sunbelt Software's website at

About Sunbelt Software Headquartered in Tampa Bay (Clearwater), Fla., Sunbelt Software was founded in 1994 and is a leading provider of Windows security software including enterprise antivirus, antispyware, email security, and malware analysis tools. Leading products include the VIPRE' and CounterSpy' product lines, Sunbelt Exchange Archiver, CWSandbox, and ThreatTrack.

For more information about Sunbelt Software, please visit the company's website at To learn more about current activities, products, and ideas at Sunbelt Software, please visit Sunbelt's corporate blog at To view this release online, go to

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