Virtual environments are increasingly being targeted for attacks

September 8, 2011

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Salt Lake City, Utah – September 7, 2011 – Solera Networks, the leading Network Security Analytics platform provider, today announced that the US Patent Office (USPTO) issued Solera Networks patent number 8004998, “Capture and regeneration of a network data using a virtual software switch”. The patent application filed May 2008 was officially approved August 2011 and recognizes Solera Networks’ methods for full packet capture, network investigation and data reconstruction for L2 through L7 traffic in virtual network appliances. The technology is at the core of the Solera Networks Virtual Appliance and has been widely deployed in virtual networks within key government agencies, enterprise and cloud providers to give full visibility into any network security event.

“We have customers who have to secure a wide range of networks, large and small,” said Dominic Whitehand, Managing Director of WhiteGold Solutions, a leading security technology distributor in Australia and New Zealand. “A prominent customer in the defense industry has deployed approximately 30 of the Solera DS Virtual Appliances. Complete visibility throughout their entire network is critical to responding to targeted attacks, and Solera Networks is the only network forensics solution available as a Virtual Appliance. That is a big advantage for our customers who need to deploy across multiple distributed networks.”

Virtual environments are increasingly being targeted for attacks. Whether virtual or hardware appliance users, organizations using Solera Networks have immediate, actionable insight to react quickly, minimize losses and exposure, and limit future risk. Solera Networks physical and virtual appliances give security professionals and incident response teams concrete evidence of how an attacker got in, what they saw, what they took, and whether they’re still resident.

“Solera Networks is the only company to offer full network visibility into virtual environments,” said Steve Shillingford, president and CEO, Solera Networks. “In recent years, security for virtual networks has received little attention. We recognized years ago the challenges of securing virtual networks and the need for complete visibility, whether on a virtual or physical network. The success of cloud providers hinges on their ability to know exactly what‘s happening within any virtual or ‘cloud’ network. We enable complete insight and awareness into all virtual network activity so virtual providers can sustain and expand their businesses and ensure security of their customers’ hosted data.”

Regardless of the attack vector, organizations using Solera Networks have insight that helps limit risk to the infrastructure and data, as well as protect the organization and its reputation. Like a security camera for the network, all Solera Networks appliances monitor and record every bit of network activity, classifying, indexing, and storing every packet, flow, and attribute for further investigation. The appliances support today’s fastest networks, both physical and virtual, up to 10Gbps in a single appliance. Open integration with the security community and best-of-breed security tools like ArcSight, FireEye, McAfee, Palo Alto Networks, Q1 Labs, Sourcefire, among others, enhances the value of existing investments and doesn’t lock users into one monolithic silo of products.

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