Silent Text app provides peer-to-peer message encryption between iOS devices

February 22, 2013

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – February 21, 2013 – Silent Circle, the global private encrypted communications firm revolutionizing privacy and security on mobile devices, today announced unprecedented features in the company's updated Silent Text secure messaging app for iOS. Customers can now:

· Send private encrypted messages and use Silent Text's innovative "Burn Notice" feature to auto-delete sent messages and attachments from senders' and receivers' devices for maximum security.

· Attach, encrypt and send files, including business documents in Pages, Keynote, Numbers, iBooks, as well as Microsoft Office documents, movies, photos and other formats up to 65MB in size.

· Leverage other new features allowing users to include map locations, photos, voice recordings or videos, extending Silent Text's lead as the industry's unparalleled secure messaging solution.

"Silent Circle pioneered an entirely new model of secure mobile messaging with Silent Text and now our app's ability to encrypt and send large files gives our customers the benefits of secure information sharing and collaboration at the tap of a touchscreen," said Silent Circle co-founder and CTO, Jon Callas. "This is unprecedented on a mobile platform – our users can not only send almost any type of file securely, but also have the option of effectively 'un-sending' any message they sent with a Burn Notice, leaving no traces in transit or on any device. Silent Text changes the way users operate and the very definition of secure mobile communications."

Silent Text achieves its mobile communications security breakthroughs by combining powerful, seamless encryption with flexible attachment support for more than 25 file types to give users complete control over their private messages and data. Using Silent Circle's secure, global network, Silent Text routes messages and attachments between individuals' devices using peer-to-peer encryption eliminating third-party key management and tampering risks. The app works anywhere users have access to EDGE, 3G or 4G cellular or Wi-Fi networks.

"Silent Text adds essential BYOD protection, particularly for senior executives and other enterprise and organizational leaders relying on their personal devices for confidential, time-sensitive communications," added Silent Circle CEO and co-founder Mike Janke, a former U.S. Navy SEAL and member of the company's all-star management team including former military special operations service members and cryptography experts behind PGP and Apple's Whole Disk Encryption. "The ability to 'go secure' as needed with your existing device on any network holds priceless advantages for business negotiators, technicians servicing sensitive equipment in the field or government missions spanning global, untrusted networks."

Silent Text's new location feature gives users the option of sharing their current location in messages through an embedded map display. Users can also embed photos and videos taken with a new, in-app camera and secured in encrypted memory separate from routine media storage on iOS devices.

The latest version of Silent Text for iOS is available today via an app update for existing users. New users can download the app from the App Store and activate it after opening an account at Silent Circle's website. As part of a $20.00 per month subscription, users can send unlimited messages through the service to other Silent Circle subscribers, make encrypted mobile video and voice calls via Silent Phone and send encrypted e-mail with Silent Mail.

Utilizing the computing power of today's smartphones and tablets, Silent Circle's apps and private network do not require hardware modifications, tokens or other ancillary items with users' devices. Subscribers simply gain built-in, high-security apps for calls, texts, e-mail and conferencing (alongside their devices' native apps) that integrate with their existing contacts, favorites and other device information. Silent Circle combines apps and other proprietary technologies to meet the secure communications needs of enterprises and individuals around the world with absolutely no back doors.

About Silent Circle's "Silent Suite" of apps:

· Silent Phone: Encrypted voice and video calls on mobile devices. Currently available for iOS and Android, it can be used with Wi-Fi, EDGE, 3G or 4G cellular anywhere in the world.

· Silent Text: Encrypted text messaging with attachments and "Burn Notice" feature for permanently deleting messages from device registries. Currently available for iOS with Android version under development.

· Silent Eyes: Encrypted video and voice teleconferencing from laptops and business conference systems through Silent Circle's custom HD network. Compatible with Silent Phone. Currently available for Windows.

· Silent Mail: Coming soon, Silent Mail offers encrypted e-mail on Silent Circle's private, secure network. It is compatible with popular e-mail client software.


Silent Circle is a global, private encrypted communications service headquartered in Washington D.C. that provides cutting-edge encrypted text, e-mail, mobile phone and video teleconferencing services through a secure, proprietary network and software apps. Silent Circle was co-founded by Mike Janke, former Navy SEAL and best-selling author, and Phil Zimmermann, the world famous Silicon Valley creator of Internet encryption for voice and data and 2012 inductee into the Internet Hall of Fame. For more on Silent Circle, go to:

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