New initiative defends our right to be secure

March 8, 2011

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Sentinel Intrusion Prevention Systems announces the launch of a new collaborative network security initiative based upon the company’s proprietary Collective Intelligence Security™ (CIS) platform. In cooperation with our efforts, we are most thankful to Emerging Threats, Matt Jonkman, and his staff for their help in converting the CIS data into a variety of rulesets that support Suricata, Snort, and various firewalls. Emerging Threats will also host the rules for distribution to systems around the world.

The new initiative dubbed CI Army, ( is a collaborative effort sponsored by Sentinel Intrusion Prevention Systems for the purpose of defending our right to be secure. CI Army provides a structure to help non-Sentinel IPS users defend SENTINEL IPS by ECONET

their networks, and facilitate their contributions to protect others. This is a way for us to work together for the benefit of all participants.

In 2004, Sentinel began development of an IP reputation system project in connection with a US government contract. During the years that followed the CIS platform was commercially deployed and refined as part of the firm’s Intrusion Prevention System Services. Many years of development have proven the technology to be an effecting pre-emptive attack mitigation tool for the Sentinel IPS commercial subscriber base.

Our commercial operations yield a great deal of valuable information for network administrators tasked with defending their organizations networks and they are also looking for ways to contribute to our collective right to be secure. CI Army is a mechanism to support those efforts. It is all accomplished in a way that prevents any source information from being disclosed.

“This is consistent with our belief that internet security should be honored as a fundamental human right and our pledge to defend that right.” said Sentinel IPS president, David A. Lissberger. Only Sentinel IPS subscribers get CIS to protect their network in real time, but anyone can use the freely distributed Collective Intelligence Malicious IP Ruleset or the SENTINEL IPS by ECONET Collective Intelligence Malicious IP List to make a significant improvement to their network security and updating it weekly.”

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