Safe-T Launches RSAccess Solution

Front-end perimeter security solution eliminates need to store sensitive data in a DMZ

November 15, 2013

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New York, November 12th, 2013 – Safe-T, a provider of secure front-end and enterprise collaboration solutions, announced today the launch of its disruptive front-end perimeter security solution, RSAccess Secure Front End. Using Safe-T's patented technology, RSAccess eliminates the need to store sensitive data in the DMZ (demilitarized zone) and to maintain incoming firewall ports, which can expose the internal network to cyber-attacks. RSAccess reduces the risk of cyber-attacks and simplifies network configurations resulting in reduced operating expenses and the costs associated with data loss.

In response to a rising number of cyber-attacks, many organizations have added a DMZ to prevent outside users from gaining direct access to company confidential data. However, this approach can put sensitive information that resides in the DMZ at risk. Moreover, organizations usually deploy a reverse-proxy solution that maintains incoming firewall ports from the DMZ to the internal network of the organization thereby exposing the internal network to cyber-attacks.

Utilizing two nodes, one on each side of the firewall, RSAccess receives requests and streams data, rather than the traditional method of storing sensitive data in the DMZ. RSAccess inspects and controls incoming traffic on the application layer to detect and mitigate attacks of viruses, Trojans and malware both on clear channels and encrypted channels such as HTTPS.

RSAccess paves the path to the elimination of the traditional role of the DMZ and improves security by closing incoming firewall ports, preventing hackers from accessing the internal network and eliminating sensitive data from the applications servers and database in the DMZ. This technology can also be used to secure connectivity between classified networks in the organization without exposing one sub-network to another.

Providing an immediate cost savings by eliminating duplicated application licenses and the hardware costs of front-end servers, RSAccess also introduces operational efficiency by eliminating the need for constant data synchronization between the internal application servers and the servers at the DMZ.

ECI Telecom currently uses Safe-T's RSAccess to tighten its DMZ security and enable secure sharing of sensitive information with its 2,400 employees, suppliers, partners and customers across the globe. Yuval Illuz, Head of Global Infrastructure and IT Operations at ECI Telecom commented, "With RSAccess we were able to eliminate some of our web front-end servers in the DMZ, which resulted in a reduction of files storage in the DMZ, a cost reduction of applications servers and licenses and also worry-free secure collaboration with outside parties. Safe-T's innovative solution has improved both our IT security and efficiency."

"At Safe-T we are committed to revolutionizing the way organizations utilize the DMZ. With RSAccess organizations can take a fresh look at the way they deploy and secure applications, and eventually to eliminate the expensive applications' front-end servers and databases from the DMZ, while keeping their sensitive data inside the organization," said Ronen Kenig, VP of Marketing and Product Management at Safe-T. "Our strategy is to provide sophisticated systems that protect enterprise data, and are also easy to use and deploy to bring value to our customers."

Safe-T's RSAccess Secure Front End is part of the Safe-T Data Protection Suite that also includes secure email, secure business integrated managed file transfer, and data scanning tools. To learn more about RSAccess please visit

About Safe-T

Safe-T is a provider of secure front end and enterprise collaboration solutions for the entire scope of data security including secure e-mail, managed file transfer, and data scanning. Safe-T's unique open extensible and customizable architecture, integrates with third party security and enterprise applications and solutions, for end-to-end security coverage across business processes. With offices in North America, Europe and Asia, Safe-T provides solutions to insurance companies, financial organizations, healthcare, universities, public safety organizations, manufacturers and technology transfer companies, enabling them to protect intellectual property, improve operational efficiency, ensure compliance and reduce IT costs. For more information, visit

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