Red Lambda's FireGrid UTM Network Security Software Debuts Today

FireGrid UTM combines telemetry-based user and traffic identification with the massively scalable characteristics of its AppIron Grid Platform

July 28, 2010

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LAS VEGAS, NV. - July 27, 2010 - Red Lambda, Inc., a leading provider of grid-based and identity-aware network security software, announced its new FireGrid Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution, based on its lauded AppIron Grid Platform, at the 2010 Black Hat Technical Security Conference.

FireGrid UTM combines telemetry-based user and traffic identification with the massively scalable characteristics of its AppIron Grid Platform to address the multitude of security threats now confronting enterprise, service provider, and government networks worldwide.

Changing IT and Threat Landscapes

The topologies of university, enterprise, and government networks are changing dramatically. Users are increasingly mobile and have multiple points of access, including work, home, the local coffee house, and on the road. Virtualized assets are proliferating, and come online and offline at a moment's notice. Applications, computing, and storage resources are migrating to the Cloud creating "partly Cloudy" IT environments.

Complicating matters is a constantly moving, morphing, and multiplying security "threatscape." This includes powerful botnets, geo-political attacks, and advanced persistent threats. Additionally, in many parts of the world legal regulations are tightening on illicit sharing of copywrited materials, exacerbating an already difficult compliance agenda for network security specialists.

Unified Threat Management Gets on the Grid

Keeping up with today's changing IT environment and the threats that confront them requires user-identity awareness, topology-independence, and scalable computational capabilities. Red Lambda's new FireGrid[tm] UTM is a Virtual Grid Appliance (VGA) for the company's AppIron[tm] Grid Platform and represents a new approach to UTM.

Combining the elastic, self-organizing grid computing capabilities of the AppIron Grid Platform with telemetry-based user and traffic identification, unutilized computing resources are harnessed to create a massively scalable, identity-aware network security solution with supercomputer computational performance.

FireGrid UTM is a fully virtualized and identity-aware network security solution that provides layer-7 firewall, Intrusion Detection/Prevention System (IDS/IPS), anomaly detection, traffic shaping, and network telemetry functionality. It enforces security policies based on people rather than ports, protocols, and network placement. Unlike appliance-based UTM solutions where throughput can vary significantly from function-to-function, each discrete security function with FireGrid UTM scales-up to meet the throughput and computational load independent of one another.

“IT infrastructures are going through a seismic shift as mobility, virtualization, and Cloud computing proliferates within enterprise and government organizations. Most of today's security solutions are not well-suited to deal with it," said Robert Bird, Founder, President and CTO of Red Lambda. "Many of today's network security solutions lack the ability and raw horsepower to accurately identify discreet users. As a result, they cannot track and protect users as they move across different points of access or identify and contain threats masking as users, such as botnets."

Seeking Beta Participants

In addition to announcing FireGrid UTM at the 2010 Black Hat Technical Security Conference, Red Lambda is seeking qualified customers to be part of the FireGrid UTM beta program. Interested candidates should go to to find out more information and register.


About Red Lambda

Red Lambda, Inc., based in Orlando, Florida, is a leader in grid-based and identity-aware network security software for enterprise, education, government and service provider organizations. The company's lauded AppIron Grid Platform organizes dedicated and/or unutilized computing resources into a private Cloud with supercomputer capabilities for running its Integrity[TM] and FireGrid family of identity-aware Virtual Grid Appliances. IntegrityT is an identity-based traffic management solution for control of P2P traffic and illicit file sharing within education and enterprise networks. Recognized by a Joint U.S. House and Senate Committee as the preferred solution for fighting music and movie piracy on university networks, Integrity is fully compliant with HEOA regulations. FireGrid UTM provides virtualized and identity-aware UTM, including Layer-7 firewall, IDS/IPS, anomaly detection, and traffic shaping, with superior effectiveness, scale, and performance compared to today's appliance-only solutions.

Red Lambda's products are sold through direct, indirect, and strategic partnerships worldwide. For more information, please visit

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