Poll: The Perimeter Has Shattered!

The traditional corporate network perimeter is not dead but its amorphous shape is something new and indescribable.

Where is the new perimeter? The industry consensus is that the traditional definition of endpoint devices connected to a corporate network has given way to something new. But what exactly does that mean? It’s impossible to describe, according to our latest Dark Reading flash poll.

More than 950 Dark Reading community members participated in the Death of the Perimeter poll. But while many in the industry have been claiming for a while now that the once-common fortress mentality for securing corporate assets has outlived its usefulness, a huge 80% of respondents today are looking for a cause of death beyond simply the confluence of mobility and cloud.

The major takeaway from our online survey over the past weeks is that for the vast majority of poll-takers, the classic view about what constitutes a network boundary has given way to a new metaphor. For 55% of respondents, the network perimeter has evolved to a seemingly boundless space “anywhere and everywhere data is located” that incorporates what is on the device, in a cloud, or on a server (51%) and how the data gets there and back (4%).

For the rest of our sampling (18%) the sentiment, “Haven't a clue. Damned if I can find it, let alone defend it” is the new reality. It’s an understandable reaction, reflecting frustration with today’s diverse corporate computing environments and the tremendous challenges and responsibilities security professionals face on a daily basis. It also begs a new question -- where do we go from here?

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As the perimeter continues to break apart, let’s begin a conversation about what keeps you up at night in the battle to protect corporate data in devices, cloud, transit, and wherever else attackers lurk. What are the new tools and strategies you need in your arsenal? Where are you looking for solutions, from startupsstalwarts, or a combination of the two? Share your thoughts about what's working and what's not in the comments.


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