NarusInsight CyberProtection detects anomalous and malicious traffic

October 12, 2011

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SUNNYVALE, Calif.—October 11, 2011—Narus, Inc., the leader in dynamic network traffic intelligence, introduced today its next generation of the cyber protection application. This robust application is built on the powerful NarusInsight Traffic Intelligence system and is designed to provide network operators with an early-warning system for cyber attacks such as advanced persistent threats. This highly anticipated release provides unprecedented visibility into the network, real-time traffic baselining, pinpoint alerting and continuous monitoring using patented adaptive anomaly detection engines. NarusInsight CyberProtection provides network operators with enhanced network infrastructure protection by finding and protecting against the most nefarious and persistent threats.

Forrester Research guidance on network visibility tells enterprise owners that they should know what the traffic is doing on all of their networks all the time, not just at the perimeter. Network analysis tools should work by passively sniffing all traffic traversing the network. Enterprise and government communications is so critical to our economy and safety that Forrester anticipates that federal government guidelines on “continuous monitoring” will trickle down to enterprise network policies[1].

NarusInsight addresses these challenges. The solution gives network operators unprecedented visibility into the network traffic. It detects anomalous and malicious traffic and alerts network operators of the changes in behavior that signify an attack or network-impacting activity. The patented adaptive anomaly detection engines continuously monitor the network’s behavior, detecting anomalous behavior such as protocol and application tunneling while simultaneously analyzing network traffic in real time. Using these analytical engines, cyber threats are identified early so that network operators can take corrective action quickly.

The solution is also highly customizable, and easily integrates into a customer’s existing security infrastructure, including industry-leading Security Event Information Management (SEIM) solutions. It can be set up to comply with network and security monitoring requirements mandated by industry and government.

"NarusInsight CyberProtection is an example of a new generation of adaptive technology used to defend against the fast-changing nature of cyber attacks, such as exfiltration of data and bot activity in an advanced persistent threat environment,” said Neil Harrington, director, product management, Narus. “Network operators now have a powerful network infrastructure protection tool that provides unprecedented visibility into their entire network. NarusInsight CyberProtection sees what perimeter defenses miss and it detects anomalous behavior early. We help network operators understand normal versus nefarious behavior and provide an early-warning system against attacks."

NarusInsight CyberProtection is available immediately. Please visit for more details.

About Narus Narus provides dynamic network traffic intelligence and analytics software that analyzes IP traffic and flow data to map the digital DNA (or behavior) of the network in real time.

Through its patented analytics, Narus’ carrier-class software detects patterns and anomalies that predict and identify security issues, misuse of network resources, suspicious or criminal activity, and other events that compromise the integrity of IP networks. The NarusInsight System is designed to be a next generation Network Analysis and Visibility (NAV) solution integrated into a customer’s operational environment, strengthening existing security and monitoring systems, while providing total traffic visibility across the network.

NarusInsight protects and manages the largest IP networks around the world and has been deployed with commercial and government installations on five continents. Narus is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA), and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., with regional offices around the world.

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