Mykonos Software Introduces New Ways To Prevent Web Security Breaches

Mykonos Security Appliance detects, tags, tracks, and stops hackers in real-time

September 3, 2011

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BURLINGAME, Calif.– August 24, 2011 – Mykonos Software Inc., the creator of the first Web Application Firewall with a Web Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) that secures Websites and Web applications against fraud and theft, today announced a new release of its flagship product – the Mykonos Security Appliance. The easy-to-use solution detects, tags, tracks and stops hackers in real-time has been upgraded to include increased automated counter-measures and extended fingerprinting capabilities.

“Mykonos is using deception to solve the biggest problem in the security industry – the asymmetry problem,” said David Koretz, president and CEO of Mykonos. “Right now it’s cheap for hackers to attack, and expensive and cumbersome for organizations to defend against the hackers—the hackers are squarely at the advantage. In Mykonos’ latest release, we are helping to change that equation even more by making hacker’s jobs harder and making it more expensive to plan an attack.”

Using its deception-based security philosophy, Mykonos Software has added major improvements that prevent hackers from exploiting Web applications. Key highlights of the new release include:

Improved Attack Responses—New automated responses have been added to detect malicious behavior, including an ability to slow down connections to force hackers to hack in slow motion. Also in this release, Mykonos has added the ability to simulate “breaking” the application, making it appear as if the hacker has damaged the application.

Enhanced Fraud Detection—Mykonos can now instantly log hackers out of applications when they have hijacked legitimate user sessions, to stop fraud in its tracks. Based on intelligence gathered from Mykonos’ code-level honeypots, hackers who steal account sessions will be forced to logout.

Robust Hacker Identification—Extended fingerprinting capability to track individuals behind the same IP address. This enables the Mykonos Security Appliance to better track and profile hackers as they look for vulnerabilities in companies’ Web applications.

Additionally, the new release features a significant number of productivity and end-user improvements including a weekly “Battle Scorecard” that provides a simple dashboard view of the hackers, attacks and incidents that were detected and prevented.

The Mykonos Security Appliance is the innovator in a brand new product category of proactive defense solutions. Unlike traditional security solutions like Web application firewalls that simply log the threat to a log file to be discovered days later, the Mykonos Security Appliance traps the attacker in real-time, tags their computer, then profiles them to understand the threat level and then deploys real-time counter-measures to protect the Website.

Mykonos Software was named by Gartner as a ‘Cool Vendor’ in Application Security in 2010 and won the SC Magazine award for “Most Innovative Security Company” at the SCWorld Congress.

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About Mykonos Software Mykonos is the smartest way to secure Websites and Web applications against hackers, fraud and theft. Its next generation Web application firewall with a Web Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) detects, tags, tracks and prevents hackers in real-time. Unlike legacy signature-based approaches, Mykonos is the first technology that inserts thousands of detection points to proactively identify attackers before they do damage – without any false positives. Mykonos goes beyond the IP address to track the individual attacker, profile their behavior and deploy counter measures. With the Mykonos Security Appliance, administrators are liberated from writing rules, analyzing massive log files or monitoring another console. Mykonos neutralizes threats as they occur preventing the loss of data and saving companies millions of dollars from fraud or lost revenue.

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