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Making Insiders Foot Soldiers In Enterprise Security

Employees and partners can either be part of the security problem or part of the solution. Here's a look at both
[Excerpted from "Making Insiders Foot Soldiers In Enterprise Security," a new retrospective of Dark Reading coverage posted this week on Dark Reading's Insider Threat Tech Center.]

Insider threat-borne attacks remain the minority of data breaches but tend to inflict the most damage -- especially when it comes to intellectual property theft. This week, Dark Reading posts a compendium of some of its best recent coverage of the insider threat problem, including:

* Five Significant Insider Attacks Of 2012

* Endpoints Pose Increasing Threats To Enterprises, Studies Say

* Four Ways To Turn Insiders Into Assets

* Preventing Infrastructure From Becoming An Insider Attack

* Verizon: Most Intellectual Property Theft Involves Company Insiders

* Writing And Enforcing An Effective Employee Security Policy

To read all of these stories and more, download the free report on the Insider Threat Tech Cneter.

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Nate Nelson, Contributing Writer, Dark Reading