Light Reading Gets Turked

Thanks to a hack from Japan, visitors to Light Reading and some other sites operated by CMP were redirected to a Turkish music and entertainment site

Thanks to an online attack, visitors to,, and perhaps other sites operated by CMP Technology were redirected to another destination earlier today.

Browsers that clicked on the affected sites around 12 noon ET were re-directed to Iyi Sanal Radyo, a Turkish music and entertainment site.

The problem was traced to an SQL injection attack from an IP address in Japan, and was corrected by 12:30 PM ET. The flaw came from some old code from a third-party vendor, which apparently had been overlooked on previous security audits.

CMP's IT staff characterized the problem and fix as "nothing phenomenal, pretty run of the mill." They have not yet heard back from the outfit in Japan that controls the IP address block in question, nor from the Turkish chat site that benefited from the redirects.

Light Reading and Unstrung are both sister publications to Dark Reading. All the LR Websites have been running normally since the re-direct was corrected.

— Mike Fratto, Editor at Large, Dark Reading