Ixia Launches New Solutions For Smarter Network Assessments

Unveils Ixia RackSim, IxNetwork AppLibrary

May 9, 2013

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Calabasas, CA – May 6, 2013 – Ixia (Nasdaq:XXIA) announced new solutions to expand the validation and resiliency of enterprise networks, including both on-premise and virtual technologies, with the new RackSimTM solution and the IxNetwork AppLibrary. The one-of-its-kind Ixia RackSim is the industry's first solution to simulate a data center rack of virtualized servers with all its complexities in a single appliance, while the IxNetwork AppLibrary combines real-world applications with protocols and stateless traffic to more comprehensively test network infrastructure.

News highlights

Although virtualization improves the efficiency and flexibility of data centers, it also escalates the workload and complexity of server architecture and network infrastructure, putting new demands on both. Previously, enterprises, service providers and equipment manufacturers dealt with costly and often difficult-to-manage-and-configure servers in order to fully simulate a rack of virtualized servers. However, with the new Ixia RackSim, enterprises, cloud providers and equipment manufacturers can:

· Test and validate workload mobility, shared services, dynamic provisioning, resource optimization, simplified management and disaster recovery of a virtualized data center.

· Perform operations including the spin-up of VMs and VM migration.

· Simulate hypervisors, virtual machines and application traffic.

Additionally, as enterprises are experiencing more strenuous traffic loads, it is vitally important that networks withstand surges in traffic. With the addition of AppLibrary to the IxNetwork solution, customers now have increased confidence in their networks via an integrated mix of traffic simulations, which is important when trying to right-size networks during provisioning – especially in Cloud networks. The IxNetwork AppLibrary helps customers gain this increased insight and the capability to:

· Make better decisions with increased understanding by testing a more accurate mix of traffic running over emulated networks. · Choose from a comprehensive and up-to-date library of real-world application simulations.

· Set deterministic application performance distribution to accurately mimic real-world traffic scenarios.

· Gain actionable insights with comprehensive real-time analysis per application flow.

Industry Commentary

"Ixia's RackSim provides the unique ability to test a cloud infrastructure by simulating large numbers of virtualized data center servers, which answers a distinct industry demand within IT operations," said Derek Granath, Senior Director of Product Management, Extreme Networks. "By simulating a wide range of real-world applications with the IxNetwork AppLibrary, it helps us ensure that we meet the interconnect scale and performance needs of our customers."

"It is critical that companies have confidence in their network and its ability to work even under strenuous conditions," said Michael Haugh, Senior Market Development Manager, Ixia. "Ixia's continued innovations including the new RackSim and the IxNetwork AppLibrary deliver actionable insights to customers to deliver an always-on experience."

Ixia will highlight these and other technologies at Interop 2013 in booth No. 1951 and in several of the company's partner booths. For more information on where you can find Ixia at Interop 2013, please visit our website.

About Ixia

From the lab to the network to the cloud, Ixia solutions optimize networks and data centers to accelerate, secure, and scale the delivery of applications and services. Ixia delivers the industry's only solution with complete visibility into critical network, data center, applications, and services. Ixia provides actionable insight for enterprises, service providers, government agencies, and equipment manufacturers with solutions that test, assess, and optimize networks. Ixia solutions use predictive data to accelerate and secure application and service delivery, giving customers the confidence to know their business networks are engineered to be understandable, dynamic, and resilient. For more information, please visit www.ixiacom.com.

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