Intersections Updates IDENTITY GUARD

ID Vault personal password and online identity protection technology will be updated to provide broader protection against newer, more sophisticated security threats

May 4, 2009

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CHANTILLY, Va., April 21 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ --Intersections Inc. (Nasdaq: INTX), a leading global provider of consumer and corporate identity risk management services, today announced that the ID Vault(R) personal password and online identity protection technology, a key feature of its IDENTITY GUARD(R) Total Protection package, will be updated to provide broader protection against newer, more sophisticated security threats including the 'Moxie' man-in-the-middle SSL attack. The new service will also be available to Intersections' financial services partners.

White Sky, of which Intersections is a shareholder, has released a new report outlining how its ID Vault(R) technology, which is included in IDENTITY GUARD(R) Total Protection, is being upgraded to defend customers against the popular Moxie attack that was demonstrated at Black Hat DC in February 2009. The report is available at

"Unfortunately, today's identity thieves are getting smarter and faster at finding new ways to stealthily infiltrate computers and gain access to consumers' financial assets," said Michael Stanfield, CEO of Intersections. "Trojan horses and unauthorized keyloggers are recording every move you make on the Internet as they attempt to drop infestations on computers to steal passwords and other sensitive information, including information to access financial accounts. As the leading innovator in identity risk management services, we continue our efforts to anticipate the moves of these sophisticated thieves and have made major technology investments in IDENTITY GUARD(R) to provide our customers with the most proactive, comprehensive security solution available."

ID Vault(R) offers protection against online identity theft and fraud when customers are banking, shopping and investing online by securing usernames and passwords in a tamper-proof, smart card-based USB device or a software vault on your computer where hackers and cybercriminals can't reach them. In addition, the ID Vault(R) service monitors a "white list" of more than 8,500 financial and shopping sites, and verifies the IP addresses and sign-in protocols of these sites in order to protect consumers from signing into fraudulent imposter sites designed to steal online identities. ID Vault(R) automatically signs consumers into their online accounts without typing, so they're protected against keystroke loggers and other spyware. The new ID Vault (R) updates will be available to Identity Guard(R) Total Protection members in May 2009.

"With millions of people banking, shopping, and conducting other financial transactions online each day, criminals have turned their attention to stealing consumers' online identities and, ultimately, stealing their money," said V. David Watkins, President and CEO of White Sky. "Customers of Intersections' Identity Guard(R) Total Protection solutions will have protection against the Moxie attack with the latest release of our ID Vault(R) product. This protection has been verified by The Security Consortium, which worked with us to ensure this latest release of ID Vault(R) can address this new threat."

Added Stanfield, "Most identity threat offerings on the market today focus on detection, or what can be done after a person's identity has already been compromised. As more sophisticated threats such as the Moxie attack emerge, consumers need to better protect themselves earlier in the process by focusing on prevention. The upcoming release of Identity Guard(R), with these added protections, validates our commitment to customers that we will stay ahead of these emerging threats, and provide the best possible protection available."

With IDENTITY GUARD(R) Total Protection, members can manage, monitor, and protect personal information including credit and personal data. The service also provides sophisticated software that protects them against keylogging attacks, secures their passwords and user IDs as they navigate online and protects their computers from advanced malware software. The product also provides identity theft recovery services and financial reimbursement insurance in the unlikely event of an identity theft. Find out more at

About Intersections (

Intersections Inc. (Nasdaq: INTX) is a leading global provider of consumer and corporate identity risk management services. Its premier identity theft, privacy, and consumer solutions are designed to provide high value, revenue generating opportunities to its marketing partners, including leading financial institutions, Fortune 100 corporations and other businesses. Intersections also markets full identity theft protection solutions under its brand, IDENTITY GUARD(R) ( Intersections' consumer identity theft protection services have protected more than 20 million consumers against identity theft.

To address the growing threat of corporate fraud, Intersections and its subsidiaries provide cutting edge identity risk management solutions including:

-- Pre-employment background screening, provided domestically through American Background Information Services, Inc., and internationally through Control Risks Screening Limited (London, United Kingdom) and Control Risks Screening PE (Singapore). -- Corporate online brand monitoring and enforcement solutions, provided by Net Enforcers Inc., which investigates, monitors and reports on the violation and misuse of proprietary information and products. -- Security breach remediation, provided by Intersections to enable companies to respond to security incidents and mitigate potential damage to their employees, customers, and corporate brands. -- Software and data management, provided by Captira Analytical, LLC, to assist the bail bond industry in managing workflow and data requirements.

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