Infographic: The Many Faces of Today’s Hackers

How many of these hacker personas are you dueling with in your organization?

Almost every day, we hear about a new security breach, but who’s behind these attacks? Whether you’re dealing with the “professional mercenary,” the “cyber warrior” or the “malicious insider,” cyberhackers come in many shapes and sizes. They have access to a varying set of resources and utilize a broad range of attacks to steal valuable information or cause business disruption. As a result, it’s crucial that organizations understand the motivations, sophistication, and potential impacts of hackers.
As part of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, Narus, a cyber security data analytics company, developed an infographic to give organizations a better understanding of today’s hackers -- from the general types of hackers that enterprises often face to the types of attacks they’re most likely to deploy. No enterprise can guarantee 100% security across all parts of the business. There are too many gaps at the perimeter, and sadly hackers have all the time they need to work around defenses and exploit these gaps.

Who are the hacker personas you are battling? Let's chat about them in the comments.

Click here for a larger image.