FireID enables secure VPN access and online transactions without extra hardware

April 30, 2009

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STELLENBOSCH, South Africa and SAN FRANCISCO, April 21 /PRNewswire/ -- RSA Conference -- FireID, a leading provider of world-class security applications for mobile authentication, today announced the U.S. launch of its revolutionary FireID universal personal authenticator that turns any mobile phone into a convenient and powerful self-contained, one-time-password (OTP) generator to enable highly secure VPN access and online transactions.

FireID instantly provides users with the most secure strong personal authentication wherever and whenever it is required - even when no cell service is available - by generating random OTPs on demand. For end-users, FireID essentially eliminates the need to remember passwords or carry hardware tokens, and it provides superior security by eliminating risky SMS transmission of OTPs. For businesses, FireID ensures highly-secure access to VPNs and user accounts without the overhead and logistical issues associated with hardware management.

"FireID is unmatched in the level of convenience and security it provides to both companies and end users," said Tom Crowley, U.S. representative for FireID. "It is the ideal solution for any business that requires a highly secure connection - from online shopping and banking sites to corporations that depend on secure VPN access. With no additional hardware to carry and no worries about key fobs being lost or stolen or passwords being intercepted over SMS, FireID is raising the bar for ease of accessibility and security in the mobile computing space."

The FireID Trifecta: Convenience, Security and Mobility

"The efficiency and convenience of online banking, shopping and office VPN access has made these tools nearly indispensable in our fast-paced world. Unfortunately, the proliferation of these technologies has also made them prime targets for hackers who steal passwords and wreak havoc on personal identity and company networks," said Justin Stanford, founder of FireID. "FireID resolves some of the most vexing security issues inherent in our mobile society with a simple solution to meet the world's growing authentication needs."

Traditional simple or repeated passwords are practically obsolete; they are not only easy to crack, but also hard to remember. Password overload often drives some users to write down or store their passwords, putting themselves as well as their banks, employers and favorite shopping sites, at risk for theft and infiltration. Even a robust password ciphering system is at risk from key-loggers, which can capture user's key strokes, and "tempest" methods that can capture keystrokes remotely from up to 20 meters away.

FireID virtually eliminates these risks by combining the power of convenience with the high-level security required in today's mobile environment. FireID's easy-to-install mobile token-generation app allows users carry multiple tokens and instantly generate random OTPs right on their phone. When the user types the OTP into the website or application desired, the software authenticates the OTP against the FireID server. Once authentication is granted, the user logs in and the OTP expires to prevent future access.

Low Cost, Low Maintenance Alternative to Hardware

In addition to its added convenience and security, FireID's seamless integration and simple deployment make it a cost-effective and easy-to-manage alternative to conventional key fobs and hardware tokens. FireID is the only mobile security solution that allows users to maintain multiple tokens on one device. The FireID application is also compatible with nearly any mobile device, unlike other solutions for which there are specific apps required for specific devices. For companies whose users each carry different brands and models of devices, this means less software and compatibility issues to worry about.

A fixed annual cost per user, along with no ongoing server or maintenance costs, make for a lower cost of ownership relative to traditional hardware distribution and management.

The system integrates smoothly with any existing infrastructure using SOAP and RADIUS protocols through a real time link with any set of user information data sources, such as SQL databases. FireID is both OATH and FIPS compliant, providing additional security and peace of mind for business customers. For end users, the FireID mobile token application is quickly and easily downloaded and deployed at no cost.

For VPN deployments, FireID supports fine-grained permissions that allow administrators to enable multiple operators at varying levels -- from helpdesk operators able to perform simple user tasks, to super administrators with full control.

FireID representatives will be on hand to demo the service at Booth #2539 throughout the RSA(R) Conference. For more information, visit

About FireID

Founded in 2006, FireID is a software development company based inStellenbosch,South Africa. FireID's flagship universal personal authenticator solution for mobile phones has emerged as a world-class security application designed to meet the growing authentication needs of corporations, government agencies and end-users who require highly secure and convenient online access to password protected accounts. For more information,

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