Also announces reduced pricing for all of its UTM solutions

August 3, 2012

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BROOMFIELD, Colo., July 31, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Today eSoft, a leader in network security solutions, announced new hardware upgrades for their award-winning line of InstaGate(TM) network security appliances. For desktop models including the InstaGate 404 and InstaGate 404E, the hard drive has been upgraded to a solid-state disk drive (SSD). The new solid-state drive provides improved performance and reliability while reducing energy consumption.

The InstaGate 806 and ThreatWall 650 product lines have also been updated from a 2U form factor to a 1U form factor, saving rack space and costs associated. The hardware specifications on both products remain the same, offering the same high performance customers have come to expect from these models.

Coincident with these product upgrades, eSoft has announced reduced pricing for all of its Unified Threat Management solutions. "The hardware upgrades mesh with our new pricing to further solidify eSoft as a leader in price-performance," said Lee Graves, eSoft VP of Technical Services and Product Management. "Solid-state drives have reached maturity, offering many benefits over traditional hard drives. We're excited to offer them in our products with no additional cost to the customer."

"We're really happy with the changes," said Dan Meinke of MacDoctors. "The solid-state drive upgrade improves reliability and performance on a solid platform. Having been a reseller for many years, anytime you can eliminate moving parts from the equation, it adds another level of confidence to an already reliable product."

The new appliances will be released for shipment starting July 31st.

About eSoft eSoft ( is a leading provider of integrated network security solutions offering organizations protection from dynamic Internet-based threats. eSoft's award winning InstaGate and ThreatWall platforms offer high-performance Deep Packet Inspection security services including firewall, UTM, complete email security, and web filtering and security with an easy to configure and manage user interface. eSoft's solutions provide IT managers with simplicity and flexibility when deploying and managing network security. The eSoft solutions place fewer demands on the time and security expertise of IT staff lowering the total cost of providing compliant and robust network security.

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