Capture Replay Challenge helps organizations pinpoint the IT security vulnerabilities being missed by current systems

February 11, 2010

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Auckland, New Zealand—February 8, 2010—Endace, a provider of security and IT solutions based on network high speed packet capture technology, today announced it is offering free health checks for Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) to help companies understand the level of protection they are not getting from their current security systems.

Concurrent to the launch of a new website and marketing campaign touting the need for network security systems that can reliably capture and analyze 100 percent of network traffic at any speed, Endace has introduced the "Capture Replay Challenge," a free test that helps organizations pinpoint the IT security vulnerabilities that are being missed by their current systems as a result of "dropped" or lost packets.

Companies signing up for the Capture Replay Challenge will have their own traffic captured (using Endace hardware) and played back through their existing IDS or IPS solutions at varying speeds. As the speed of replay is increased—from one gigabit per second (Gb/s) right up to 40 Gb/s—the test illustrates how traditional packet capture-based security solutions start to miss packets. The Capture Replay Challenge then details what vulnerabilities were missed as a result.

"Endace's technology is unique in that it gives organizations the power to see on any network interface at any speed up to 40 Gb/s. This serves as the foundation of an IDS solution that does not miss traffic and thus provides a much greater level of security," said Mike Riley, chief executive officer at Endace. "What we will prove in the coming months is that our packet capture technology is the secret sauce to a much more effective, forward-thinking approach to network security. By not missing packets, we can incorporate a number of features that capitalize on Endace's unique network monitoring foundation."

The Capture Replay Challenge is named for the Capture Replay capability of Endace's Probes, which enables the capture and playback of network traffic at increased speeds. More information on how Endace's network monitoring and packet-capture technologies are enhancing IDS and IPS can be found on the new Endace website:

The Capture Replay Challenge is available to any company with an installed IDS or IPS solution. The performance review is a free of charge, no-obligation evaluation. Certain restrictions do apply. For more information, security and network operations professionals should contact Endace at [email protected].

About Endace

For organizations that rely on their data networks to do business, Endace provides high performance traffic analysis, latency measurement, network security and application acceleration solutions that capture, inspect and report on every single data packet.

Our product portfolio, based on patented DAG technology, includes multi-function network monitoring Probes, Open Software Development Environments, and a comprehensive range of powerful management, measurement, alerting and analysis Applications.

These products provide the broadest, most capable range of packet capture technology, for any interface, speed or packet type from 10Mb/s right up to 40Gb/s. We enable our customers to be confident in their information security, regulatory compliance, service performance and traffic monitoring.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Endace also has offices in the U.K., United States and Hong Kong. Quoted on London's AIM, the stock code is LSE: EDA.

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