Encrypted Attacks Continue to Dog Perimeter Defenses

Attacks using SSL to obfuscate malicious traffic finding fertile ground for growth.
SSL-Encrypted Attacks on the Rise
SSL Attack Growth Outstrips Overall SSL Encryption Growth
Evasion a Big Factor
SSL Can Amplify DDoS
Legitimacy Helps Phishers' Cause
Attackers Love DV Certs
SSL Inspection and Traffic Decryption Still Not the Norm

Traditional perimeter defenses are having a hard enough time keeping up with the dynamic nature of cloud and mobile connections with corporate assets. Attackers are further working to diminish the efficacy of defenses like firewalls, IPS devices, and UTM appliances with their own bag of tricks.

One of the top-growing techniques today is the use of SSL encryption to hide malicious traffic in plain sight. SSL attacks aren't new, but according to recent figures they continue on an upward trajectory of prevalence as the bad guys find them extremely useful to get around perimeter protections. 

Here's a look at this trend.

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