Emerging Threats Launches Premium Version Of Open IDS Ruleset

ET Pro is now available for Snort and Suricata

September 27, 2010

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News Facts:

  • Today marks the arrival of Emerging Threats Pro, the premium version of the Emerging Threats open source IDS/IPS ruleset. Emerging Threats Pro builds upon the eight-year old open ruleset with an experienced, full-time research team and industry-leading vulnerability and malware research from Telus. The result is comprehensive coverage of security threats facing organizations today.

    • ET Pro is now available for Snort and Suricata, and will soon be available for other engines and technologies. Until now, customers looking for intrusion prevention solutions have typically been locked into a single ruleset provided by the vendor supplying their hardware or engine. Users now have a choice of commercial rulesets, breaking the existing monopoly and bringing innovation and competition back to this long stagnant market.

    • ET Pro builds upon and will continue to support the eight-year-old open source Emerging Threats ruleset. The proven reliability, diverse intelligence sources and rapid signature output of the Emerging Threats community is augmented by a highly skilled research team devoted to making a comprehensive ruleset.

    • As malware creation continues to rise, and threats become increasingly sophisticated, organizations need a threat research team that can release new signatures daily. ET Pro is supported by a full team of professional engineers from the open source community that will introduce new signatures to the ruleset as they are written. This team is focused on quality assurance (QA), load testing and 24/7 technical support for the rules.

    • With the addition of cost-effective site licensing options, conventional per sensor purchase, as well as professional technical support, ET Pro offers customers a complete IDS/IPS ruleset and intelligence package.

    • The existing Emerging Threats ruleset will still be available free of charge to community members, who will also benefit directly from the research and advanced engineering contained within the premium ruleset.

    • The ET Pro ruleset closely follows the recently launched Suricata multi-threaded open source IDS engine, allowing customers to combine speed and accuracy in both the engine and rules fueling their performance.


    • “Malware is being introduced at a faster pace than ever before and requires advancements in rulesets and policies to effectively manage the evolving threat landscape,” said Matt Jonkman, founder and CEO of ET Pro and founder of the Emerging Threats Project. “The current commercial ruleset offerings do not adequately address the new threats our networks face, including malware, command and control channels, and information exfiltration. ET Pro takes all of these challenges head-on!”

    • "Although speed and power of IDS hardware and products has been increasing, the quality of the rules hasn’t kept pace," said Diana Kelley, partner at SecurityCurve. "There is a real market need for increased intelligence and ruleset quality for IDS products to ensure the solutions provide protection against new and emerging attacks."

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