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Delfigo Security Unveils DSGateway Authentication Platform

Solution uses multiple identity factors, including keystroke dynamics, geospatial location, and system parameters

July 14, 2009

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Boston, MA " July 14, 2009 " Delfigo Security, the pioneer in intelligent authentication solutions, today announced the immediate availability of DSGateway, the industry's only solution that combines strong authentication with advanced cognitive capabilities. The company's patent-pending Artificial Intelligence (AI) based DSGateway security platform is uniquely positioned to answer the question, "Are you who you say you are," when a user accesses a system. Using multiple identity factors including keystroke dynamics, geospatial location, and system parameters, DSGateway evaluates each user to assign a Confidence Factor (CF) and transparently provides the appropriate level of system access. Organizations that use DSGateway know their users are not unduly burdened by the system with long validation procedures, false negatives preventing access, or the need to carry additional hardware. Users simply type their password and DSGateway ensures that the user is granted the appropriate level of access.

Delfigo also announced today that Children's Hospital Boston Cardiology Department is implementing DSGateway to ensure secure access to its Clinical Care System. "With Delfigo's technology integrated into cardiology's clinical care system we are approaching the typical challenge of addressing physician productivity with compliance mandates in a manner different than we were initially approaching it. With the patent-pending security architecture, we will be able to uniquely identify system and record level access," said Dr. Steve Colan, Associate Director for Clinical Operations at Children's Hospital. Dr. Colan added, "The administrator functions give us the ability to manage system access at the group level in a configurable way." For more information see today's announcement entitled, "Children's Hospital Boston Cardiology Department Selects Intelligent Authentication from Delfigo Security."

DSGateway is the only true zero-footprint solution that helps organizations reduce costs while providing unmatched confidence in the identity of each user. Built from the ground up to meet the complexities and demands of today's businesses, Delfigo's solution is easily deployed, configured, and managed. As the industry's only solution that can be integrated as a web-service or behind the firewall DSGateway is uniquely flexible and interoperable with existing technologies and back-end systems.

With DSGateway, each organization can configure "tolerance levels" to match their internal risk mitigation strategies and policies. Delfigo's DSGateway platform can integrate manual authentication such as One Time Password (OTPs) and Challenge-Response to enable enhanced authentication where necessary. Delfigo also offers single sign-on (SSO) capabilities through partnerships with other solutions providers, making it easy for enterprise users to quickly and securely access any application in their network.

"We solve the distribution problem. Many industries, including eCommerce, Financial, and Healthcare, rely on authentication solutions to conduct business or serve their key constituents," said Ralph Rodriguez, President and CEO of Delfigo Security. "DSGateway is the only solution in the market today that enables organizations to ensure safe and secure system access by answering these three critical questions - Are you who you say you are? Where will I allow you to go? And, What will I allow you to do?"

"Biometrics has the transformative potential to supplant existing inefficient identity practices, such as user IDs and passwords, creating tremendous process efficiencies and nearly eliminating identity theft and related fraud," wrote Forrester Research, Inc. in the May 2008 report Biometrics: State Of The Art And Future Implications.

DSGateway meets the needs of consumers demanding stronger forms of authentication than a password to protect them against fraud when conducting online transactions. Conventional strong authentication systems burden users with the need to carry a device (such as a token or smart card) which can be lost, shared or stolen. Delfigo Security's intelligent authentication solution offers transparent security that puts the onus on the system, not the user, to validate access. Users logging in through DSGateway encounter a non-intrusive and seamless authentication that validates the user and provides access to the services they need without needless inconvenience. Now consumers are confident that their information is safe and their identity is protected.

DSGateway Benefits DSGateway contains a number of features and benefits that appeal to the C-Suite, Business Owners and IT Staff.

  • Reduced Fraud " Delfigo utilizes multiple factors of authentication, ranging from biometrics to geo-location to GPS tracking, making it highly unlikely that a fraudster can compromise all that goes into validating authenticity of an individual using the Delfigo solution

    • Simple Distribution and Implementation " Designed as a cloud solution requiring no client downloads or tokens DSGateway is an efficient solution to deploy in any network or application

    • Enhanced Visibility & Administration" With an event-driven architecture that can monitor risks in real-time and on demand analytics and dashboards, the solution provides immediate visibility into issues enabling it to prevent identity theft before it happens

    • Low TCO " DSGateway's innovative architecture, lack of additional hardware (such as tokens), user-friendly manageability and competitive price point combine to present unmatched TCO in an authentication solution

    • Supports Industry Compliance " Delfigo Security helps organizations reduce their business compliance risks, by meeting regulatory mandates for industries

    • Easy to Use " Users do not require training or need to change any behaviors or usage patterns to realize the full benefits of DSGateway

    • Configurable " The platform is easily configured to match user profiles, roles, and other characteristics

      Pricing And Availability DSGateway is immediately available both as a SaaS solution and for implementation behind the firewall. For pricing information please contact [email protected].

      About Delfigo Delfigo Security is a venture backed provider of information security solutions. The company was founded in July 2008, and has offices in Boston and Cambridge (MIT campus) in Massachusetts. For more information please visit www.delfigosecurity.com or visit our blog at www.delfigosecurity.com/iamblog/.

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