iTrust Agent lets organization enforce Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs), security policies and content filtering to laptop users and branch offices

October 21, 2009

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Dallas, TX " October 20, 2009 " DeepNines Technologies, leading network security provider, today announced the availability of its endpoint security offering, iTrust Agent. The new solution allows any size organization to enforce Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs), security policies and content filtering to laptop users and branch offices with a transparent thin agent that end-users cannot disable, update or modify. The news comes in conjunction with the company's recent rebranding effort " driving increased attention to its thought-leadership and innovative approach. With the company's 41 patent applications filed and eight patents granted, DeepNines is poised to provide key markets with the most technologically advanced network security offerings.

"Remote security is a major issue for most organizations today, and so far, there hasn't been a solution that provides a comprehensive yet cost-effective approach. We wanted to provide a solution that takes advantage of the investment made in security at the network level, while removing the typical costs and burdens of endpoint security," said Shawn Eldridge, vice president of marketing and products, DeepNines. "With over 1,500 installations of our Secure Web Gateway to-date, launching iTrust Agent is our testament to innovation and creating the most comprehensive network security solutions for our customers."

DeepNines' iTrust Agent is a lightweight agent that is installed on a laptop that requires no end-user interaction, administration or updating, eliminating typical costly endpoint software issues. The iTrust Agent is the industry's-first completely transparent, non-VPN secure tunnel that ensures all traffic, including the Web, is subject to the same policies and security as those on the physical network, including URL filtering, anti-virus and anti-malware, phishing attacks and more.

Key features and benefits of the iTrust Agent include:

* Extends comprehensive benefits of the DeepNines Secure Web Gateway for networks with remote users and distributed office environments * Performs deep packet inspection on the entire traffic stream (inbound and outbound) and eliminates circumvention techniques such as proxies and the user's ability to download unwanted applications, content or inappropriate materials * Reduces laptop maintenance by eliminating unauthorized applications (chat, peer-to-peer, etc.) that can download viruses, spyware and other malicious content * Enforces acceptable use and filtering policies for remote users * Transparent and tamper-proof, preventing disabling and alleviating the need for end-users to manage updates * Complete reporting capabilities * Prevents confidential company information from being shared * Provides complete visibility and control of user activity regardless of location * Lightweight agent uses minimal laptop resources

iTrust Agent fully supports cloud services of SaaS (Security-as-a-Service), hosted and MSP (Managed Service Provider) network models and deployments. By providing complete compatibility with cloud services, the iTrust Agent enables organizations to leverage cloud computing while protecting, controlling and managing remote and mobile end-users.

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About DeepNines

DeepNines Technologies is a leader in network security, providing real-time, identity-based network defense for content and applications. Since 1999, DeepNines has provided business, education, health care and government customers with innovative network security that is affordable and easy-to-use. By inventing and patenting unified threat management technology, DeepNines' products enable unparalleled protection and control of ports, protocols, users, applications and content at firewall speed. DeepNines' gateway products leverage the power to protect, control and manage inbound and outbound Internet traffic, empowering enterprises and institutions to secure their networks deep-into-the-nines. To learn more about DeepNines, please visit DeepNines products are protected by one or more U.S. Patents Nos. 6,930978, 7,380,272, 7,058,976; Foreign Patent Nos. 95182 (W002/100039), 106027 (W02003/073724), 1282954; Patents Pending.

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