Cygna Labs Corp. Announces Expansion of its DNS Firewall Service

August 31, 2023

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MIAMI, Aug. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Cygna Labs , a highly specialized software developer with a focus on providing enterprises worldwide and a leading provider of DDI, cloud security, and compliance technology, announced today the availability of the Cygna Labs DNS Firewall Service for VitalQIP customers.

The Cygna Labs DNS Firewall Service provides a continually updated threat feed to VitalQIP DNS appliances to enable the detection and blocking of malware queries. Malware-infected devices typically rely on the domain name system (DNS) for communications, as DNS helps malware locate the Internet address of its command and control (C2) center. Once connected, malware may leverage the C2 connection for instructions, updated malware, and exfiltration of sensitive information from your organization.

  • Prevents evasive malware techniques: Malware operators leverage DNS to change or "flux" their IP addresses to avoid shutdown via IP address filtering should they be detected. This and other evasive techniques enable malware to persist within networks and stealthily execute attacks on behalf of the attacker. Filtering DNS queries via the Cygna Lab's DNS Firewall Service provides a critical detection point within an overall defense-in-depth network security strategy.

  • Immediate remediation through automated rapid updates: VitalQIP provides an easy-to-use wizard to define the corresponding response policy zone (RPZ) on VitalQIP appliances. Once defined, the digitally signed feed is continually updated via the DNS protocol by the Cygna Labs DNS Firewall Service. This enables automated rapid updates to malware domain information. Logging of DNS queries triggering an RPZ policy enables the identification of potentially malware-infected device identities for immediate remediation.

Alexander Haecker, CEO, Cygna Labs Group GmbH, said: "We continue to deliver on our promise to VitalQIP customers through the expansion of our investment. Cygna Labs DNS Firewall Service provides a core DNS security control to stop malware communications before they start. Our service helps customers detect, block, and report on malware-oriented DNS queries, which in turn prevents malware proliferation within their networks."

About Cygna Labs

Cygna Labs is a software developer and one of the top three global DDI vendors. Many Fortune 100 customers rely on Cygna Labs' DDI products and services, in addition to its industry-leading security and compliance solutions, to detect and proactively mitigate data security threats, affordably pass compliance audits, and increase the productivity of their IT departments. For more information, visit

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