Cloud Leverage Unveils Cloud IPS/Firewall

Cloud/IPS Firewall includes integrated geo-location analysis capabilities

July 1, 2010

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News Facts:

* Cloud Leverage today announced the availability of its enterprise-class Cloud IPS/Firewall. The Cloud IPS/Firewall is different from other network security solutions in that it is designed to protect Web applications at the very edge of the Internet, and not from inside the traditional datacenter. This shields an organization’s network from application-layer attacks, and in turn prevents the loss of valuable corporate and customer data.

* Application-layer attack is a major vulnerability for organizations today. More than 70 percent of successful Internet attacks now exploit application vulnerabilities, making the Cloud IPS/Firewall all the more timely and needed for business to operate effectively and without fear of attack.

* The Cloud IPS/Firewall is a next-generation firewall enhances an organization’s existing security environment. The solution blocks threats that traditional firewalls are unable to, including: DoS, DDoS, SYN Floods, and new application threats.

* Unlike traditional firewalls, which have limited capacity and/or require unnecessary and expensive upgrades to manage surges in capacity, Cloud Leverage’s IPS/Firewall has extensive capacity without the need to oversubscribe – allowing significant bandwidth at a fraction of the price of traditional firewalls.

* Highlights of the Cloud/IPS Firewall include: integrated geo-location analysis capabilities; integrated IP reputation capabilities for risk analysis, gathered from all IPS/Firewall customers globally; full layer-7 inspection capabilities for true application and monitoring; and access to a global Security Operations Center for proactive monitoring and service support 24/7.

* Cloud Leverage customers also have access to a sophisticated web-based management and reporting portal to track their secured network anytime and from anywhere.

* The Cloud IPS/Firewall is $150 per month, to include one virtual IP and one terabyte of traffic; additional traffic is $0.05 per gigabyte. This provides for the full suite of Layer-7 protection plus DoS. For $100 a month, customers will receive advanced IPS and DDoS.

* In addition to its Cloud IPS/Firewall solution, Cloud Leverage offers cloud storage, cloud acceleration, and cloud DNS via its 32-datacenter footprint. This provides businesses with the ability to convert a traditional centralized computing footprint into a highly available and resilient globally distributed environment.

* Cloud Leverage is largely funded by Netriplex, a leading provider of mission-critical data center solutions, and is an independent, privately funded company. Cloud Leverage’s solutions are all currently in general availability.


* “Our Cloud IPS/Firewall solution is unique in that it frees companies from traditional performance, intelligence, and scale limitations, with added protection at what is and will continue to be a threat to organizations of all sizes – the application layer,” said Jonathan Hoppe, president and chief technology officer of Cloud Leverage. “All companies across the spectrum, including small and medium size businesses, will now have access to enterprise-class security that is accessible and tailored to their organization’s needs.”

* “In order to protect against the increasing number of attacks on the Internet today, unprecedented capacity is required,” said Jonathan Hoppe, president and chief technology officer of Cloud Leverage. “This is why we sized our IPS/Firewall to absorb 640Gbps of attack traffic today and up to 2.5Tbps tomorrow. We are providing next-generation firewall capabilities to eliminate 95 percent of current and future threats – and at a fraction of the cost – so that organizations can remain focused on their core needs and operations.”

* “Security functions provided at the edge of the Internet, as opposed to centralized at the Web host, offer several distinct advantages,” said Ted Julian, principal analyst at Yankee Group. “In addition to performance and scale advantages, such solutions provide organizations an extra layer of protection by screening threats from ever reaching their infrastructure. For some organizations this level of protection may be perfectly sufficient by itself; others may value an additional tier of security”

About Cloud Leverage

Cloud Leverage, Inc. is the global cloud performance platform that provides businesses the ability to stretch and accelerate traditional, centralized web content to meet the speed and reliability requirements of a demanding Internet audience. By utilizing Cloud Leverage’s global 32 data center footprint and proprietary transport acceleration network, organizations can significantly secure, extend and enhance internal or third-party cloud applications all while improving their data center ROI. Cloud Leverage is a privately held company headquartered in Asheville, NC. To learn more, visit

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