Release 5.0 includes numerous add-ons and updates

July 12, 2012

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Munich (Germany) - 11 July 2012

What if you could install PKI clients in your company in the blink of an eye? What if you could switch from token A, to card B, to smart phone C and still easily access your virtual environment or corporate domain? What if you could cope with the current BYOD - Bring Your Own Device trend in a secure and effective way? What if all the files you store on your PC, your portable memory drives and the cloud could be made accessible to you only through the same strong authentication system? And regardless if on a PC or a Mac, or on a smart phone?

This is the promise from charismathics with their latest PKI middleware. The new release 5.0 keeps the agnostic approach unaffected to both software and hardware solutions of their growing partner network. IC suppliers, last generation USB key manufacturers, Certification and Registration authorities, hard disk encryption vendors, Single Sign-On and Token Management System providers have lined up to create a complete PKI architecture glued together through charismathics middleware. From their headquarters in Central Europe and their subsidiary in sunny California, charismathics licenses have been sold in millions in all corners of the earth.

Among the new features, that make CSSI a must have for each company regardless of its size, are numerous add-ons and updates introduced. A captivating Graphic User Interface along with multi language support result in charismathics Smart Security Interface being fully available to all IT skill levels in most countries worldwide.

From a product perspective the new CSSI is now completely integrated with the latest entries in charismathics portfolio, namely iEnigma, the PKI application for the smart phone world, Virtual Token Drive, that turns flash memory devices into PKI credential repositories, and plug’n’crypt Password Memory, which offers users a free software tool to save web and application passwords onto the card / token they own. The PIV version of CSSI has also been enhanced tremendously; it now complies with the SP800-73-3 NIST standards and has dramatically improved its performance with PIV cards.

Technically, CSSI 5.0 shows some amazing innovations like the support of CNG – Cryptographic API Next Generation, Microsoft’s long-term replacement for the CryptoAPI, which includes an own Key Storage Provider (KSP). It is also fully customizable now, PIN policies and logon procedures are just mouse clicks away.

As the evolution of the IT security scene in general keeps accelerating towards virtual cloud solutions on the one hand, and utmost mobility for employees on the run as well as extended corporate cooperation schemes on the other hand, charismathics enriches the direct and indirect functionalities of its top of the breed product, respectively with a constellation of inbuilt features and the extension of its partner network. This is a clear invitation to join the independence movement they have generated since the company was funded: be the master of your own security infrastructure, decide to jump onboard with those that make freedom of choice their ever valid manifesto.

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